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Michael W. Apple was born in 1942 in Paterson, New Jersey. He received his B.A. from Glassboro State College, and his M.A. and Ed.D from Columbia University. He spent much of his early career teaching in his home state of New Jersey, even serving as president of his local teachers’ union.

Apple is a well-known writer and theorist in education, having authored numerous books and other works on education, culture, power, and politics. His books, Ideology and Curriculum and Official Knowledge have been honored as among the most important books about education to arise during the previous century. His work to democratize education has led him to partner with schools, unions, governments, and other organizations.

Apple is now Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s School of Education, where he taught for nearly 50 years. As an instructor, Apple taught courses in education policy, the sociology of teaching and learning, and culture/power dynamics. He was honored by the American Educational Research Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contributions to educational research and policy development. In 2018, he published his most recent work, The Struggle for Democracy in Education.

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According to Wikipedia, Michael W. Apple is an educational theorist specialized on education and power, cultural politics, curriculum theory and research, critical teaching, and the development of democratic schools. Apple is John Bascom Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Education, where he taught from 1970-2018. Prior to completing his Ed.D. at Teachers College, Columbia University in 1970, Apple taught in elementary and secondary schools in New Jersey, where he grew up, as well as served as the president of his teachers' union. For more than three decades Apple has worked with educators, unions, dissident groups, and governments throughout the world on changing educational policy and practice towards critical pedagogy.

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