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Richard Swinburne

British philosopher of religion


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Richard Swinburne was born in 1934 in Smethwick, Staffordshire, England. He graduated in 1957 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from Exeter College, the fourth oldest college at the University of Oxford. He pursued a graduate degree in philosophy (1957-59) from the university and then entered St. Stephen’s House, where he earned the Oxford Diploma in Theology (1959-60). From 1985 until his retirement in 2002, Swinburne held the position of Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford.

Since his retirement, Swinburne has continued to publish regularly and serve as a visiting professor and lecturer throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In his work, he has explored the central problems of philosophy, with specific focus on the justification for the belief in God and the doctrines of the Christian religion. He is most well-known for his trilogy of books on theism: The Coherence of Theism, The Existence of God, and Faith and Reason. He is also noted for his defense of substance dualism, which is the idea that humans consist of two parts: body and soul.

In 1993, Swinburne was elected a Fellow of the British Academy. He has also been awarded honorary doctorates by the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University in Bucharest, and the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein.

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Richard Granville Swinburne is an English philosopher. He is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Over the last 50 years Swinburne has been an influential proponent of philosophical arguments for the existence of God. His philosophical contributions are primarily in the philosophy of religion and philosophy of science. He aroused much discussion with his early work in the philosophy of religion, a trilogy of books consisting of The Coherence of Theism, The Existence of God, and Faith and Reason.

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University of Aberdeen

University in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

University of Hull

University in Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom

University of Oxford

Collegiate research university in Oxford, England

Keele University

University in Keele, United Kingdom

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