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Professor of modern British history at Texas A&M University

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According to Wikipedia, Ralph James Quincy Adams is an author and historian. He is professor of European and British history at Texas A&M University. Bibliography Arms and the Wizard: Lloyd George and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915–1916 The Conscription Controversy in Great Britain, 1900-18 Edwardian Conservatism The Great War, 1914-18: Essays on the Military, Political and Social History of the First World War British Politics and Foreign Policy in the Age of Appeasement, 1935-39 British Appeasement and the Origins of World War II Bonar Law Europe, Crisis and Conflict: 1890–1945 Balfour: The Last Grandee "Britain Responds: The Demise of 'Business as Usual'" in Relevance: The Quarterly Journal of the Great War Society "Andrew Bonar Law and the Fall of the Asquith Coalition: The December 1916 Cabinet Crisis" in The Canadian Journal of History "Asquith's Choice: Herbert Henry Asquith, the May Coalition and the Conscription Crisis, 1915–1916" in Armed Forces and Society .

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