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Wilhelm Dilthey

German historian, psychologist, sociologist, student of hermeneutics, and philosopher


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Wilhelm Dilthey was a German historian, psychologist, sociologist, and hermeneutic philosopher, who held G. W. F. Hegel's Chair in Philosophy at the University of Berlin. As a polymathic philosopher, working in a modern research university, Dilthey's research interests revolved around questions of scientific methodology, historical evidence and history's status as a science. He could be considered an empiricist, in contrast to the idealism prevalent in Germany at the time, but his account of what constitutes the empirical and experiential differs from British empiricism and positivism in its central epistemological and ontological assumptions, which are drawn from German literary and philosophical traditions.

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Heidelberg University

Public research university in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Humboldt University of Berlin

Public research university in Berlin, Germany

University of Kiel

University in Germany

University of Wrocław

Polish university

University of Basel

University in Basel, Switzerland

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