Popular Data Science Course Lists

Popular Data Science Course Lists

Data science courses are widely available online in a full range of topics including data visualization tools, machine learning, artificial intelligence and more. There are also many different ways to take online data science classes. You could take an introductory class from Coursera, enroll in a certificate program from a university, or enroll in a certification program from a private company like Cisco.

The best way to take data science courses is to enroll in a bachelor’s degrees in data science program. To learn more about your options, read on.

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What are the basic data science qualifications?

The basic data science qualification is at least a bachelor’s degree in data science or a related field. If your undergraduate degree is in statistics, math, or computer science, you might qualify for entry-level jobs in data science. Taking an online course or completing a certificate in data science will also help improve your data science qualifications.

Some leadership jobs may require a master’s degree in data science. Relevant work experience can also improve your ability to get certain leadership jobs.

If you are interested in learning more about what a career as a data scientist looks like, check out Profile of a Data Scientist

Data Scientist Capabilities

Data scientists capabilities will include:

  • Linear algebra and multivariate calculus
  • Statistics
  • Programming and coding (using programs like Python, R, and SQL)
  • Data cleaning, data analysis, and data modeling
  • Data visualization

The most popular data science courses will usually teach these skills.

Below are some of these popular data science courses.

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Data Science Courses from Coursera, EdX, and IBM

Many online learning platforms offer data science courses. Prime examples include Coursera and EdX. Tech giants like IBM also provide online learning opportunities for data science.

The advantage of platforms like Coursera and EdX is their enormous catalog of classes. Courses range from beginner to advanced and include standalone classes and multi-course specializations. A few examples include:

Data Science Specialization - Beginner level
from Coursera and Johns Hopkins University
Data Science: Machine Learning - Beginner level
from EdX and Harvard University
Applied Data Science with Python - Intermediate level
from Coursera and the University of Michigan
Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science - Intermediate level
from EdX and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Data Science Foundations: Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization - Advanced level
from Coursera and the University of Colorado Boulder
High-Dimensional Data Analysis - Advanced level
from EdX and Harvard University

Most Coursera and EdX courses are self-paced with rolling enrollment dates, making it easy to learn new skills on your time. Many courses also come with basic certifications. You can find free courses as well as paid classes.

IBM and other tech companies offer basic free classes in addition to more detailed courses and credential paths. For example, you can earn a credential as an IBM Certified Data Scientist - Machine Learning Specialist. You must pass a final exam to get the certification. The cost for the exam is $200 - a low price point for getting certified.

Coursera, EdX, and IBM offer great flexibility and low-cost options for learning relevant skills. However, these aren’t the only sources for popular data science classes.

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Data Science Industry and University Programs

While many popular data science courses are general or introductory classes, others are highly specific. In fact, there are many excellent examples of industry-specific data science courses offered by universities.

For example, you can take the Marketing Analytics Data Tools and Techniques course from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania to learn how to apply data science techniques in marketing.

This online course includes four modules that teach you:

  • How to use regression analysis
  • How to conduct conjoint analysis
  • How to use social media analytics for decision making
  • How to utilize market research techniques

You can also earn a Digital Marketing Certificate by completing this program. This kind of industry-specific certificate from a world-class business school looks great on your resumé.

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University-Based Certificate Programs

A university-based certificate program lets you expand your knowledge and skills without committing the time or money needed to get a degree. A certificate is an excellent option if you:

  • Already have an undergraduate degree in data science or a related field
  • Have some experience working in data science, but need to build your skills
  • Have a master’s degree in a related field and need more specific training

Certificate programs are offered at different levels as well. For example, the University of San Francisco offers an Intro to Data Science Certificate that’s perfect if you’re new to the data science field.

If you have some professional experience and you want to work in big data, there’s a certificate for that, too. For instance, you can enroll in a certificate program like the University of Washington’s online Certificate in Big Data Technologies.

This certificate program takes about eight months to complete. It requires at least one year of programming experience in Java, Python, Scala, or C# prior to enrollment. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Data Engineering
  • Building the Data Pipeline
  • Data Engineering Capstone

There are many other university-based certificate programs in data science. A few examples include:

Some universities also offer opportunities for experiential learning. For example, the Data Science Certificate from UCLA offers you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in various fields, including statistical modeling, data visualization, and data management.

Part of the experiential learning process is completing an optional internship. An internship lets you use your classroom learning in a real-world setting, usually under the supervision of an experienced data scientist.

Hands-on learning experiences like this are common among university-based certificate programs. Many universities provide further experiential learning opportunities like:

  • Interactive simulations
  • Case studies
  • Applied research
  • Capstone projects
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Popular Grad School Data Science Courses

Data science courses may be even more narrowly focused at the graduate level, including:

While the examples above are all masters of data science programs, it is also possible to pursue a doctorate in a specific data science field from a university.

If you’re interested in earning an advanced degree without disrupting your current work responsibilities, take a look at the best master’s degrees in data science.

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Which Popular Data Science Course is Right for You?

Choosing the course, degree, or certificate program that fits your skill level and aligns with your future goals is essential. This requires some research on your part. We advise getting started with a look at our Custom College Rankings tool, where you can find data science courses at the best school for you!

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