Online Master’s Degrees: A Complete List of Programs

Online Master’s Degrees: A Complete List of Programs

In this article we provide an overview of the available routes of study in online master’s degree programs. Under each subject listing, you’ll find links to our rankings of the best online master’s programs for that subject.

Key Takeaways

  • Online degree programs have become popular choices for both undergraduate and graduate education.
  • By enrolling in an online master’s degree program, you’ll further your career while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of online education.
  • In this guide, we compile a list of your options with links to rankings of programs in each subject.

Best Data Science Online Master’s Programs

In an Online Master’s of Data Science Program, you’ll explore advanced topics and practices of compiling and analyzing important data.

At the graduate level, you’ll begin to explore advanced computations and statistical formulas used by data science professionals to build actionable models and predictions.

Best Online Master’s in Accounting

Master’s of Accounting students will explore the procedural responsibilities of managing finances for both individuals and large organizations.

At the graduate level, students begin to build specializations in areas such as forensic accounting, auditing, and personal finance. Typically, students will be prepared to sit for their CPA exam after graduation.

Best Online Master’s in Agriculture and Agribusiness Degree Programs

Agriculture is big business both in the United States and the world abroad.

And graduate students of an agribusiness program will learn the ins and outs of the industry. Specifically, students will explore supply chain pipelines, industrial farming, and resource management.

Best Online Master’s in Animation Illustration

If you love to see your illustrations brought to life, then an animation program might be perfect for you. At the graduate level, you’ll master the best animation software and tools to breath life into your illustrations.

In advanced study, students tend to specialize in particular types of animation software and specialized animation techniques.

Best Online Master’s in Art Education and Art Administration

In an Art Education and Art Administration program, you’ll learn how to evaluate artistic creations and convey helpful information to others about them.

As such, at the graduate level students will learn art history as well as the business management side of artists and galleries.

Best Online Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Degree Programs

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a ubiquitous feature of technological innovation. Innovators look to leverage artificial intelligence in countless industries to spur evolution and reach new levels of efficiency.

In an Online Master’s of Artifcial Inteligence, students will explore both theoretical and practical applications of AI and learn to build it themselves.

Best Online Master’s in Behavior Analysis Degree Programs

Behavior analysis represents a key element of many therapeutic models across many disciplines.

At the graduate level, students will engage advanced study of peer reviewed research and successful practices in the field.

Best Online Master’s in Biology

As a graduate student in a biology program, you’ll explore the biological and physiological foundations of the world around us and the organisms that live within it.

Advanced topics in such a program include zoology, anatomy, and ecology.

Best Online Master’s in Computer Science Degree Programs

Computer science students learn to master the software and hardware of computers, leveraging each to reach particular objectives.

At the graduate level, you’ll delve deeply into theoretical and practical applications of computers. You’ll also master the fundamentals of computer programming and architecture.

Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice

In a Master’s of Criminal Justice program, you’ll study the histories and current policies related to social control mechanisms and judicial systems.

You’ll pursue advanced study in topics such as court procedures, criminal law, and politics.

Best Online Master’s in Cybersecurity

Advanced study in Cybersecurity will see students master software and programming techniques that safeguard digital assets.

Specifically, graduate level curriculum typically confers specialization in areas of cryptography, digital forensics, and network administration.

Best Online Master’s in Economics

Graduate students in an economics program will learn how the financial systems of the world interact with one another. To accomplish this, you’ll study historical events in economies both large and small, and you’ll explore the theories behind major economical events.

Economists employ a command of analytics and statistical modeling to advice and predict major financial actions.

Best Online Master’s in English

In a Master’s of English program, you’ll explore the works of history’s most prodigious writers. You’ll read the most influential literature and learn to identify the underworkings of themes and artistic styles.

Graduates of a Master’s of English program typically display fantastic writing and communication skills, which can be leveraged in arguably any line of work.

Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration students learn what goes on behind the scenes of the medical industry. They learn how to run the day-to-day operations of large hospitals and small local clinics alike.

At the graduate level, you’ll progress through a curriculum that combines elements of advanced business administration with the unique operational requirements of medical facilities.

Best Online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Degree Programs

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? The tourism industry continues to grow each year as more countries around the world begin to offer amenities to tourists. In graduate studies, hospitality and tourism degree students will explore the business operations that enable the tourism industry

Specifically, students learn how to navigate seasonal business trends, manage hotels, and conduct advertising for tourists.

Best Online Master’s in Kinesiology Degree Programs

At its core, the field of kinesiology sets out to understand the anatomy of movement and function in the human body. As such kinesiology students often go into the sports industry after graduation–working with athletes to build strength, flexibility, and prevent injuries.

Best Online Master’s in Management

In an Online Master’s of Management, you will explore the theoretical and practical theories of business management and organizational leadership. This line of study works as ideal preparation for those eager to take on managerial roles.

Specifically, graduate students will master the techniques of leadership and advanced business management strategies.

Best Online Master’s in Marketing and Advertising

At the graduate level, marketing and advertising students will explore the fundamental theories behind grabbing the attention of a core audience. Specifically, students will learn techniques and strategies in promoting products and brands to consumers and other businesses.

Specifically, graduate curriculum typically focuses on coursework in areas such as market research, sales, and and communications. At the core of these studies is a focus on psychology, and understanding how individuals relate to companies and products and vice versa.

Best Online Master’s in Nursing MSN

A Master’s of Nursing program prepares students for a career as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. The exact curriculum will depend on the specialty of the program, but the core curriculum will be based around areas of study such as pathophysiology, pharmacology, and clinical assessment.

Best Online Master’s in Organizational Leadership

An organization leadership program instills in students a mastery of leadership skills and techniques. Unlike a management program, an organizational leadership program prepares students to take on high-end leadership roles in large companies and organizations.

Best Online Master’s in Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology students learn how to apply the fundamental principles of psychology to the day-to-day operations of large organizations. As such, students learn how to work closely with human resources departments and managers to improve working conditions, productivity, and the overall outlook of employees.

Best Online Master’s in Project Management

Project managers work in a variety of industries and take on wildly different responsibilities depending on the project that they oversee. Project managers may work in construction, product development, or even IT.

At the graduate level, students will explore specialized approaches to overseeing projects from their inception to completion, using a combination of business management skills and organizational leadership.

Best Online Master’s in Social Work MSW

Professionals who work in the field of social work engage impoverished and unfortunate individuals who have needs related to health, employment, or safety. Graduate students in social work program will study topics such as clinical practice, social policies, and community outreach.

Best Online Master’s in Special Education

Students studying special education will learn specialized approaches to educating students with special needs. As such, these programs often prioritize topics related to regulation, ethics, and best practices in special education.

Best Online Master’s in Sports Management

Sports Management programs explore topics related to the successful management of sports teams and organizations. Students learn the business principles that inform the day-to-day operations of these teams and organizations.

Best Online Master’s in Theology

A Master’s of Theology program will employ a curricular approach based on one of two options. Either students will study a particular religion in-depth, or they will study a variety of them. Typically, though graduate study involves advanced study of a particular religion, its traditions, and its practices.

Best Online Master’s in Web Design

In an Online Master’s of Web Design program, you’ll learn how to bring your ideas to life in the form of websites. Web Design students will learn how to implement advanced functions and designs in websites.

Specifically, graduate students will masters the fundamentals of both user interface and user experience design principles, as well as the back-end programming needed to execute these principles.

Best Online Master’s in Biblical Studies

In an Online Master’s of Biblical Studies, you’ll master an understanding of the Bible and the Christian traditions that arise from it. Specifically, students will explore the foundations of Christian ministry, social service, and spiritual development.

Best Online Master’s in Communications

Communication lies at the center of virtually every professional endeavor. As such, a Master’s of Communication program teaches students to leverage the art of communication at the highest level.

Specifically, students should expect to explore both theories rooted in psychology and social sciences as well as how communication plays a role in business pursuits and daily operations.

Best Online Master’s in Counseling

As a graduate of a Master’s in Counseling program, you will enter the workforce with a special skill set that enables you to help individuals navigate the ebbs and flows of life.

Specifically, you will employ interdisciplinary skills of counseling, guidance, and interpersonal relationship building.

Best Online Master’s in Education

In a Master’s of Education Program, you will learn to navigate classroom dynamics with ease to make it a place of learning and mutual respect. Specifically, graduate level study involves exploring the best practices of curriculum development, educational technology, and learning theory.

Best Online Master’s in Educational Administration

In an Educational Administration program, students learn what goes on behind the scenes at schools, colleges, and universities. Specifically, students explore the business-side of these facilities and what it takes to keep the lights on.

Best Online Master’s in Emergency Management

Ermergency Management students will learn how communities and federal agencies respond to crises–how they actually respond compared to how they should respond.As such, students will explore various procedures and policies related to emergency response.

And after graduation, students will be qualified and prepared to work in either public or private sectors.

Best Online Master’s in Engineering

Engineers work to build great structures of all kinds, but engineering is also big business and bringing large projects to fruition requires business acumen. This is where graduate study of engineering comes in.

Aside from advancing your technical skills as an engineer, you’ll be groomed for leadership roles where you will employ business management skills.

Best Online Master’s in Engineering Management

A graduate level Engineering Management program emphasizes the business management skills needed to lead engineering projects, and even the companies behind them. An Engineering Management company de-emphasizes technical curriculum in order to spend more time teaching students how to run large-scale engineering projects.

Best Online Master’s in Executive MBA

An Executive Master’s of Business Administration aims to prepare students for positions of high-end leadership in large organizations. As such, students will build leadership skills and practice strategic decision making that can set the course for a company’s performance in the years to come.

Best Online Master’s in Finance

Graduate Finance Students learn how to manage budgets, execute financial strategies, and navigate executive financial decision-making. Graduate curriculum typically explores topics such as investing, financial analysis, and quantitative modeling.

Best Online Master’s in Forensics Degree Programs

Students who enroll in a Master’s of Forensic Science Program will be met with a fascinating curriculum that combines several disciplines. Specifically, students will explore the policies of law enforcement and how they relate to crime scene preservation, evidence gathering, and investigation procedures.

Best Online Master’s in Game Development & Design

If you love computer science and video games, you might find that game development is an ideal career for you. In a graduate level game design program, you’ll explore the technical and artistic components of game design.

Additionally, you will learn how to manage teams and prioritize financial objectives while building the next big game.

Best Online Master’s in Health Informatics

The healthcare industry becomes increasingly reliant on client information and data trends to inform best practices. At the graduate level, Health Informatics students learn how to leverage quantitative data to inform healthcare administration and the efforts of healthcare professionals.

Best Online Master’s in Health Science

Graduate Students in a Health Science program will progress through an multidisciplinary curriculum in order to develop a holistic understanding of human health and physiology. As such, graduates often go on to work in the sports industry or health coaching industry.

Best Online Master’s in Human Resources

A Master’s of Human Resources program employ a multi-faceted curriculum based on a core objective. That is, to teach students how to maximize the health, performance, and efficiency of an organization’s workforce.

Best Online Master’s in Human Services

In a Human Services degree program, you will explore many topics across many disciplines. The uniting thread of inquiry is to better understand how individuals relate to society at large. As such, students explore topics such as social work, criminal justice, and healthcare.

Best Online Master’s in Information Technology

Our world becomes increasingly reliant on technology as time passes. Information Technology students work at the intersection of mankind and technology, looking to develop new ways to improve daily life both for individuals and society at large.

Graduate level curriculum typically involves advanced study in areas of computer science, data science, and programming.

Best Online Master’s in Sustainability and Green Technologies

As mankind is faced with the challenges of climate change and growing populations, sustainability experts work to develop innovative ways to ensure that our species lives on generation after generation.

Specifically, at the graduate level, students will study green technologies and strategies for improving the sustainability of both individuals and society as a whole.

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