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Angela K. Wilson

American chemist


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Angela K. Wilson was born on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She is currently John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Michigan State University (MSU), Director of the MSU Center for Quantum Computing, Science, and Engineering, and Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives in MSU’s College of Natural Sciences.

Wilson received her bachelor’s degree in 1990 from Eastern Washington University and her PhD in 1995 from the University of Minnesota. After graduating, Wilson held a postdoc at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and a research assistantship at the University of Oklahoma. Wilson then held regular faculty positions with Oklahoma Baptist University and the University of North Texas, where she eventually held the titles of Regents Professor, Director of the Center for Advanced Scientific Computing and Modeling, and Associate Vice Provost for Faculty.

In 2016, Wilson joined the faculty of MSU, where, in addition to her titles listed above, she is also head of the Wilson Research Group for Physical, Theoretical, and Computational Chemistry. In September of 2020, Wilson was chosen as President-Elect of the American Chemical Society, the premier national professional association for chemists. She is due to take office in early 2021.

Wilson has authored or co-authored more than 360 peer-reviewed journal articles and co-edited five books.

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Angela K. Wilson is an American physical, theoretical, and computational chemist. She is currently the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Chemistry in the department of chemistry of Michigan State University. At Michigan State University, she also serves as the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives in the College of Natural Sciences, and as Director of the MSU Center for Quantum Computing, Science, and Engineering , a newly formed center at MSU, stemming from MSU's long history in quantum computing research.

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