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According to Wikipedia, Carl Henry Eigenmann was a German-American ichthyologist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, who, along with his wife Rosa Smith Eigenmann, and his zoology students is credited with identifying and describing for the first time 195 genera containing nearly 600 species of fishes of North America and South America. Especially notable among his published papers are his studies of the freshwater fishes of South America, the evolution and systematics of South American fishes, and for his analysis of degenerative evolution based on his studies of blind cave fishes found in parts of North America and in Cuba. His most notable works are The American Characidae and A revision of the South American Nematognathi or cat-fishes , in addition to numerous published papers such as "Cave Vertebrates of North America, a study of degenerative evolution" and "The fresh-water fishes of Patagonia and an examination of the Archiplata-Archelenis theory" .

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