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Gloria Ladson-Billings

American Educator and Theorist


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Gloria Ladson-Billings was born in 1947. She is best known for her book, The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children, and her work to reduce the education disparities faced by African American children. She earned her master’s in curriculum and instruction from the University of Washington and her Ph.D from Stanford University.

She has devoted her life to addressing culturally relevant pedagogy and the education of African-American children, specifically, but also children of other ethnicities. In recognition of her work in education and race theory, she was elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2018. She also served as the president of the National Academy of Education, a position from which she was able to promote equality in educational access and opportunities for children of color.

Today, she is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at University of Wisconsin–Madison and a researcher for the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. She was the very first black female tenured professor at University of Wisconsin–Madison. Throughout her decades as a teacher and teacher-instructor, she has touched countless lives by instilling in them an appreciation for culturally-relevant education for all and working to promote diversity, inclusion and equality.

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University of Wisconsin–Madison
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Public research university in Madison, Wisconsin., USA

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