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Gunther Schmidt

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Schmidt is a German mathematician who has made fundamental contributions to informatics, a field of study central to Computer Science. Schmidt was Professor of Computer Science at Universität der Bundeswehr München until his retirement in 2004.

Schmidt’s work focuses on a field in mathematics known as algebraic logic. He also works on relational mathematics, a field of mathematics central to core issue in computer science, like database theory and algorithm design. A prolific editor of journals and book writer, Schmidt’s book Relational Topology was published in 2018.

Schmidt was a member of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology in 2001.

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Gunther Schmidt is a German mathematician who works also in informatics.

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Technical University of Munich
Technical University of Munich

Public research university in Germany

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University of Göttingen
University of Göttingen

University in the city of Göttingen, Germany

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

German university in Munich, Bavaria

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Bundeswehr University Munich

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