Best Online PhD of Computer Science Degree Programs (Doctorates) 2023

Best Online PhD of Computer Science Degree Programs (Doctorates) 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Although not required to enter the field, a PhD in computer science allows graduates to pursue careers in academia and research.
  • Although challenging, an online PhD in computer science offers convenience and career-advancement.
  • An online PhD in computer science degrees offer a similar curriculum as their on-campus counterparts.

As technology advances and data-focused industries grow tremendously, computer science constantly evolves and is becoming an increasingly important field of study. Earning a PhD in computer science means that you are an expert in your field, opening up numerous high-level career opportunities in various industries.

Graduates who are interested in teaching and research may also choose to work in academia.

Most PhD candidates are working professionals and have little to no time to attend traditional on-campus classes. Fortunately, more and more colleges and universities are now offering PhD programs in computer science that are fully online.

An online PhD in computer science gives working professionals added convenience, flexibility, and greater independence than traditional on-campus degree programs.

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 What is a PhD in computer science?

A computer science degree program typically combines math, engineering, and science and applies those principles to study things like computers networks, machine learning, artificial intelligence, hardware and software design, and databases.

The highest level of education you can obtain in this field is a PhD in computer science. This is a research degree that concludes with a distinctive dissertation showcasing innovative and original research. The doctoral program has three parts: coursework, research, and doctoral dissertation writing.

The typical path to a PhD or doctoral degree involves earning a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and then applying for a PhD. However, a master’s degree is not necessarily required to enroll in a computer science PhD program. Many universities around the world accept applicants with merely a bachelor’s degree.

There’s a catch, though!

Your academic performance must be outstanding. You cannot enter a computer science PhD program by simply graduating with average grades.

Admission Requirements

Common admission requirements include:

  • Minimum GPA Requirements
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree
  • Graduate Record Examination Scores
  • TOEFL Scores (International Students)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
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 What To Expect When Earning An Online PhD in Computer Science

The curriculum and coursework of an online PhD in computer science may vary, depending on the school’s program requirement and a student’s chosen specialization. However, the majority of the first few years of a PhD degree will likely be spent on coursework.

Schools provide a wide range of classes, and you often have a lot of freedom to choose subjects that connect to your area of interest.

Schools usually have a few foundational courses that all doctoral students must complete, including:

Curriculum and Coursework of Online Computer Science Doctorates

While the curriculum and coursework will vary depending on the particular doctoral computer science program, there are some commonalities you can expect:

Graduate Algorithms

This course equips students with the right knowledge and resources to help them collect and analyze complex data. Hash tables, linear programming, max-flow algorithms, and dynamic programming are a few examples of topics covered.

Programming Languages

This doctoral course is intended to enhance students’ object-oriented and functional programming skills. This course will build on your fundamental knowledge of utilizing programming languages and will discuss algorithms and conducting optimizations.

Artificial Intelligence

This course teaches students the most recent developments in artificial intelligence. Students will get a sense of where this technology might be going. Probabilistic models and search methods will be covered.


This course covers sophisticated database design and usage. This course will include a significant amount of data analytics and will discuss query optimization and warehouse modeling.

Project Management for Software Design

Coordination of multiple individuals over an extended period of time may be required while developing a new program or operating system. This course discusses how to provide the process of organized leadership and make sure that everyone engaged is on the same page.

Research Methods

This class helps students prepare for their dissertation process and future job goals. Students will learn how to conduct original research. Students will learn about various research techniques, be asked to think about how bias can influence outcomes, and be required to show off their research prowess.

Teaching Methodologies

Some students are interested in joining a university faculty after foundational and core courses. This course helps students enhance their abilities to instruct.

How long will it take to complete an online PhD degree in computer science?

While the length of doctoral programs can vary, a PhD in computer science usually takes between three to eight years to complete.

A typical timeline would be:

  • Year One: Students begin their studies and complete coursework
  • Year Two: The second year of a doctorate study is more likely dedicated to qualifying exams
  • Year Three: The third year is mostly for PhD candidacy submission and the beginning of the dissertation process
  • Years Four through Eight: The remaining years are for writing and defending the dissertation and doing and presenting research.

Key Point: Though a three to eight year path to a PhD is typical, many students can complete the degree program more quickly, while some students, particularly part-time students may take longer.

It’s vital to remember that your deadline will vary based on the demands of your dissertation (or lack of it). A professional doctorate school typically offers a capstone project option rather than a doctoral thesis or dissertation, even though most PhDs require one.

Some colleges and institutions offer part-time PhD in computer science programs. However, part-time programs will naturally take longer to complete than those that require full-time enrollment.

 Computer Science vs Electrical And Computer Engineering

At the cutting edge of high technology, electrical and computer engineers (ECEs) are involved in research, idea generation, design and development of new products and technologies, production, and marketing operations.

ECEs improve the safety of vital high-tech systems, such as creating anti-skid braking systems and nuclear power plant controls. These professionals also lessen human labor in manufacturing by developing computer automation technologies.

Medical technologies like surgical robots, monitoring devices, and lasers are a few examples of the life-saving work that ECEs do.

Computer scientists, On the other hand, focus primarily on software and software systems. Computer scientists study the theory, design, development, and application.

Bottom Line: While computer scientists and electrical and computer engineers can work in similar fields, ECEs focus on products and technologies while computer scientists focus on software.

What fields do computer scientists typically work in?

Some of the main fields in computer science include:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Vision and graphics
  • Numerical analysis
  • Programming languages
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Security
  • Database systems
  • Software engineering
  • Computing theory

Along with inventing and studying approaches to solve programs, computer scientists also examine the performance of computer hardware and software. The issues faced by computer scientists extend from the abstract to the practical, including writing user-friendly, secure, and efficient programs for mobile devices.

 Accreditation for Computer Science Programs

Schools and programs that fulfill high criteria are recognized through accreditation. Accreditation means that a specific school or program has undergone a thorough examination. Regional accreditation is particularly important for colleges and universities.

Independent, nonprofit accrediting organizations assess schools based on academic goals, faculty credentials, and student learning outcomes.

Additionally, accreditors look at the institution’s financial situation and development goals. Accreditation is given to schools that meet or surpass the accreditor’s standards. To keep their accreditation, accredited institutions go through the procedure repeatedly.

The most prestigious PhD programs in computer science are accredited by the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). Students who enroll in a program that has received ABET accreditation can expect a challenging curriculum.

Using the US Department of Education’s accreditation database, students can look up the accreditation status of the schools they plan to attend.

Bottom Line: When looking for an online PhD in computer science degree program, make sure that the program has either regional accreditation or ABET accreditation.

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 Jobs for Computer Science PhD Graduates

While most prospective applicants for a PhD in computer science degree have set their minds on careers in academia, others ought to look the different way. PhD graduates will be aiming for the best positions in the industry.

You may want a job path that pays better. After all, you’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into becoming a highly skilled professional by the time you’ve gotten your PhD in computer science.

Graduates of PhD programs could work in research and development, government labs, other governmental organizations, or tech divisions in large businesses. You can also work for a consultancy firm, a start-up business, or another technology industry sector, such as information assurance and information systems.

PhD in computer science graduates may also be qualified for jobs at banks, hedge funds, finance organizations, and more.

Bottom Line: Earning an online PhD in computer science opens up numerous career opportunities beyond just the “expected” career in academia. Jobs for grads can command the highest salaries as well.

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 Factors for Choosing Online PhD in Computer Science Programs

Because an online PhD in computer science will take an immense effort and many years to complete, choosing the right program in the right school is extremely important. The following factors can impact a student’s overall experience:


It might be challenging to select a specialty in computer science due to the vast array of courses and concentrations available. Students should pick a college with resources and recognition in their chosen field of study.

Staff Credentials

PhD students work with faculty advisors to guide their research. The finest staff members to assist students with their research goals are those who have published work in the student’s chosen area of interest.

Cost/Financial Aid

PhD programs can be very costly. If you will be seeking financial aid to help cover the costs of your education, remember that the college or university you choose must be regionally accredited.

Schools that are not accredited are not eligible to offer federal financial aid programs. For more information, check out the Federal Student Aid website.

Students can also think about attending colleges that offer prospects for fellowships, grants, and scholarships. These sources of assistance do not demand repayment.

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 The 10 Best Online Computer Science PhD Programs (Doctorates)

With all the introductions out of the way, let’s introduce you to our top picks for the best online computer science PhD programs. These programs will propel you to pinnacle heights of the computer science industry.

 Columbia University

Columbia University is a top Ivy League institution, considered the nation’s fifth-oldest institution of higher learning and the oldest higher education institution in New York.

There are 20 distinct graduate and undergraduate schools at Columbia. The school is one of the fourteen original members of the Association of American Universities. They are renowned for numerous reasons, including being the organization that annually awards the Pulitzer Prize.

One of the top offerings at Columbia University is the online PhD in Computer Science accredited by the ABET. The PhD degree offers a wide variety of advanced courses, including artificial intelligence, databases, computer architecture, computational complexity, and the analysis of algorithms.

While some foundational courses can be done online, students must complete on-campus requirements for the autumn and spring semesters that are fully supported by either an external fellowship or a graduate research assistant (GRA) post.

  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion time: 4-6 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Columbia University:

The school’s reputation for commitment to research and innovation. More Nobel Prize winners have attended this institution than any other American university. In addition, Columbia has been the residence of 46 Olympians, 90+ Pulitzer Prize winners, and four US presidents.

Columbia University is great for students who:

Have outstanding previous academic records and work well under pressure. Columbia is for strong-minded students since competition here is fierce.

Columbia University might not be the best fit for students who:

Want to concentrate soley on their studies. The school encourages students to get involved in campus life, politics, community service, and research.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Institution Type: Private Ivy League
  • Admission Rate: 6.66%
  • Graduation Rate: 96.2%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 25,843
  • Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education

 Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is a driving force in educational innovation, offering exceptional online programs to prepare students for leadership roles in its fields.

One of the school’s most outstanding schools is the Graduate School of Computer & Information Sciences, which offers exceptional professors, a cutting-edge curriculum, and adaptable online formats for its master’s and doctoral degree programs.

All programs allow employed professionals to complete their degrees without pausing their work.

For MS degree holders who have completed a significant amount of computer science coursework, Nova Southeastern offers a hybrid Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science program. While some coursework can be done online, the program requires students to attend four weekends or two weeklong campus visits each year.

Nova CISD uses a cluster model, combining traditional and online training, the program significantly benefits working professionals, especially those in business, education, or government.

  • Required Credits: 51-66
  • Completion time: 4-6 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Nova Southeastern University:

The improved social mobility resulting from the small classrooms and low student-to-faculty ratio.

Nova Southeastern University is great for students who:

Can finance expensive college costs for diverse and personalized degree programs.

Nova Southeastern University might not be the best fit for students who:

Thrive in a more populated school. While Nova is one of the largest private schools, it’s not as diverse as large public research universities.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Fort-Lauderdale-Davie, Florida
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Admission Rate: 76.2%
  • Graduation Rate: 62.1%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 5,971
  • Acceditation: SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Learn More about Nova Southeastern University.

 Dakota State University

What started as an institution for aspiring teachers, Dakota State University now offers 86 majors and 38 specializations.

Over time, DSU has turned its primary emphasis to the online environment, giving students the technological expertise they need to succeed in their chosen fields of study. The institution is rapidly extending its campus and integrating the most cutting-edge and creative technology.

One of its outstanding offerings is the PhD in Computer Science, which allows working professionals to complete all coursework online and have the chance to schedule and collaborate with their classmates virtually.

Assignments, lecture notes, and tests are distributed to students via various tools, including Desire2Learn and the course administration system at DSU.

Students at Dakota State University can study:

  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer networks
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information assurance
  • Programming languages
  • Mobile apps
  • Software engineering
  • Office automation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software development
  • Database management

Dakota State University offers one of the least expensive online PhD in computer science.

  • Required Credits: 72
  • Completion time: 3-7 years
  • Format: Online

What we love about Dakota State University:

The faculty members are committed to their students’ academic and extracurricular success. The Fargo-Moorhead community is friendly and offers a variety of chances for students to advance academically and personally.

Dakota State University is great for students who:

Thrive with a rich academic experience in a setting of accessibility and inclusion. DSU is known for its innovative and student-centered education.

Dakota State University might not be the best fit for students who:

Dislike incorporating technology into all they do. Dakota State uses the latest technology to improve the educational process.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Madison, South Dakota
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Admission Rate: 85.6%
  • Graduation Rate: 46%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 1,773
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Learn More about Dakota State University.

 Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University is among the 2.7% that holds the country’s Carnegie Foundation R1-Very High Research Activity designation.

The university is known to enroll a diverse student body that contributes to its reputation as one of the most varied universities both nationally and globally. It provides individuals with a wide range of learning opportunities and challenges.

Mississippi State University offers three distinct online PhD programs from its main campus, one of which is the online PhD in Computer Science.

To prepare for the demands of a job, doctoral candidates in the PhD in computer science program conduct research, coursework, and comprehensive tests. Students learn valuable skills through challenging coursework, thorough exams, and research.

Candidates can learn at their own speed or continue working full-time while enrolled in the program because of its flexibility. Candidates must finish a dissertation and do original research for the program.

  • Required Credits: 32
  • Completion time: 4-6 years
  • Format: Online

What we love about Mississippi State University:

The Orion System. The Orion system at MSU is the fifth-fastest academic supercomputer facility in the country, making five quadrillion computations per second.

Mississippi State University is great for students who:

Are committed to obtaining a degree and want to work hard but also enjoy their time on campus. MSU provides various on-campus opportunities that encourage online students to participate in.

Mississippi State University might not be the best fit for students who:

Have different backgrounds. People from various backgrounds may feel excluded because the majority of students at this university come from conservative backgrounds.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Starkville, Mississippi
  • Institution Type: Public
  • Admission Rate: 80%
  • Graduation Rate: 64.2%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 3,808
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Learn More about Mississippi State University.

 University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a top-rated Ivy League school that has an ingrained culture and innovative ecosystem that supports the university’s high standards for academics. The staff and students at the university are actively involved in cutting-edge technology.

uPenn has an academic foundation in liberal arts and sciences. The school has 4 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools, and provides students with an unmatched education in terms of inclusivity, intellectual rigor, research, and the drive to produce new knowledge.

UPenn’s online PhD in Computer and Information Science was designed for doctoral candidates with solid backgrounds in information processing, focusing on computer science and mathematics.

This program offers rigorous research and instruction components to meet the demands of academia and the industry, while fostering the intellectual abilities necessary for the continually evolving nature of research.

Students establish their areas of specialization for advanced study while collaborating with faculty mentors on subjects ranging from computer science fundamentals to other intellectual exchanges.

  • Required Credits: 72
  • Completion time: 5-10 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about the University of Pennsylvania:

The social scene at Penn is the best. Thanks to the great mixture of scenes, there is always something for everyone.

The University of Pennsylvania is great for students who:

Have motivation, outgoing personalities, and are passionate about learning and experiencing new things. The University of Pennsylvania is known for being fiercely competitive in the academic world. Highly motivated students with a strong work ethic are most suited for it.

The University of Pennsylvania might not be the best fit for students who:

Are not passionate about what they want to pursue. Individuals who are not accustomed to large cities or who have not previously been somewhat independent would benefit more from attending a smaller university as well.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Institution Type: Private Ivy League
  • Admission Rate: 8.98%
  • Graduation Rate: 95.5%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 17,087
  • Accreditation: MSCHE-Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Learn More about the University of Pennsylvania.

 Johns Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is one of the original members of the American Association of Universities, and U.S. News & World Report rated them 10th out of all universities worldwide. Additionally, JHU was the first research-based university in the country, emulating Heidelberg University in Germany.

John Hopkin’s Whiting School of Engineering, of which the JHU Computer Science Department is a part, offers a PhD in Computer Science degree that allows students to work remotely with a one-year residency requirement.

All JHU graduate students are given a yearly stipend, combined teaching, research, and competitive internal and foreign fellowships, and are required to work with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects.

Students will start networking to establish a solid professional reputation as a part of the research community, and they will learn how to do independent research. Based on shared research interests, new PhD applicants are carefully matched with faculty advisers because the quality of this relationship might be crucial to a candidate’s success in graduate school.

  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion time: 5-6 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Johns Hopkins University:

The key principles of excellence and discovery, diversity and inclusion, leadership and integrity, and respect and collegiality.

Johns Hopkins University is great for students who:

Seek a medium-sized school in an urban setting. Prospective students should be self-motivated and able to manage the pressures of school and their social life.

Johns Hopkins University might not be the best fit for students who:

Are not motivated and have no desire to undergo extreme academic pressure. JHU professors don’t simplify things because they know students’ intelligence and aptitude

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Admission Rate: 11.1%
  • Graduation Rate: 94.4%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 19,989
  • Accreditation: MSCHE-Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Learn More about Johns Hopkins University.

 University of Southern California

A top private research university known globally, University of Southern California is a global hub for the arts, technology, and international commerce, offering vast options for multidisciplinary study.

The school operates in collaboration with leading academics in cutting-edge learning facilities to make it an anchor institution in Los Angeles.

USC is home to a diverse student body and over 4,000 innovative scholars, researchers, teachers, and mentors, including winners of the Guggenheim Award, National Medal of the Arts, National Humanities Medal, National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur “Genius” Award, National Medal of Science, and numerous other prestigious national awards.

The online PhD in Computer Science at the University of Southern California is among of the most flexible of its kind. The program provides students with a top-notch education and prepares them for careers as computer scientists.

Doctoral candidates typically receive training for business, academia, and research professions, thanks to the program’s combined research and instruction requirements. Candidates have the greatest level of education in their career after graduating.

By the end of their studies, students have finished a dissertation that advances original research in their discipline.

  • Required Credits: 60
  • Completion time: 4-6 years
  • Format: Online

What we love about the University of Southern California:

The culture, environment, and opportunities are among USC’s finest features. The student organizations at USC make sure that all students engage with one another and enjoy their time at USC, even though the degree programs are highly competitive and extensive.

The University of Southern California is great for students who:

Are highly driven to complete comprehensive coursework with a thriving social scene. This implies that students should be able to juggle work and school with a busy social life successfully.

The University of Southern California might not be the best fit for students who:

Are unprepared for an academically stimulating courseload.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Admission Rate: 16.1%
  • Graduation Rate: 91.7%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 37,923
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Learn More about the University of Southern California

 Boston University

A prominent university in the nation, Boston University has two metropolitan campuses and offers more than 250 programs leading to bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, medical, and dental degree programs in its 18 schools and colleges. Students have a wide range of possibilities for academic and personal development due to the school’s size and committed research goal.

Students gain from the university’s mix of a solid liberal arts foundation and great professional programs, as well as from direct instruction from professors who are actively involved in innovative research and scholarship. Students are required to collaborate closely with mentors from the faculty during research projects.

Boston University offers one of the strongest PhD in Computer Science degrees available through a hybrid learning method, a mix of online courses and in-person requirements. The program’s design helps students perform original research in a technical area of computer science and become specialists in that field.

PhD students can publish their original research and showcase it in conferences and research seminars. Graduates will be highly qualified to direct their research, teach and mentor undergraduates, and engage in cutting-edge research in academia or at a commercial lab.

  • Required Credits: 64
  • Completion time: 4-6 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Boston University:

The university’s lovely, culturally and historically rich urban campus. In addition to its unrivaled location, Boston University provides a wide range of majors and clubs, allowing everyone to find their ideal fit.

Boston University is great for students who:

Excelled academically in high school—frequently accepted applicants who participated in dual enrollment, AP, and IB programs.

Boston University might not be the best fit for students who:

Prefer a tight-knit community.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Admission Rate: 20.1%
  • Graduation Rate: 89%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 3,200
  • Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education

Learn More about Boston University.

 Ohio State University

One of the top institutions in the Midwest, Ohio State University has a well-known name and a sizable student body that gives the campus the impression of its own city. Despite being a populated and diverse school, OSU manages a sizable student body and provides chances for everyone. Many students here also value the college’s strong emphasis on research, which enables them to identify their career goals and forge relationships with teachers.

The online PhD in Computer Science is one of the top programs at Ohio State University. The PhD program aims to train students as leading scholars and instructors in academia and business.

Doctoral applicants are required to conduct substantial, original research in the computer science field and to write and successfully defend a PhD dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department spends more than $6 million annually on research, allowing PhD candidates to get involved in research as soon as possible. As research assistants on various research initiatives, many graduate students receive funding. Research areas and projects are constantly changing depending on the faculty’s interests and changes in the field.

  • Required Credits: 64
  • Completion time: 5 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Ohio State University:

The faculty and instructors. They are frequently quite enthusiastic about the subjects they teach and appear to genuinely care about the academic and professional success of the students. They are also happy to meet with students outside their office hours to assist them with course materials.

Ohio State University is great for students who:

Thrive in a diverse population and looking for more major choices and student activities.

Ohio State University might not be the best fit for students who:

Dislike social interaction and meeting new people.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Institution Type: Public land-grant research
  • Admission Rate: 68.5%
  • Graduation Rate: 87%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 18,410
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Learn More about Ohio State University.

 Clarkson University

Clarkson University is a national, private research university with a track record of pioneering technology education and sustainable economic growth.

It comprises four separate schools, each of which has received recognition on numerous occasions from prominent rating websites, including U.S. News & World Report and Forbes. To develop the entrepreneurial attitude, expertise, and intellectual curiosity required to build globally applicable solutions and prepare tomorrow’s leaders, Clarkson kindles linkages across disciplines, industries, and social cultures.

Through the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Clarkson provides a flexible PhD in Computer Science for students with an undergraduate background in a computer science context and the discipline for a self-motivated dive into the depths of computer science from every angle.

Doctoral students will take courses in both departments on various theoretical and applied topics. They will explore advances in computational theory, software systems, programming languages, hardware integration, and information technology.

Candidates of the PhD in computer science online will complete an original research project, which must be submitted as a written thesis. Students will be required to showcase their research through oral presentation in front of the PhD committee.

  • Required Credits: 90 (can transfer up to 30 credit hours)
  • Completion time: 4-7 years
  • Format: Hybrid

What we love about Clarkson University:

The teacher and student community at Clarkson is, without a doubt, its best feature. Because of the small size of the institution, students will likely meet many people in several of their classes and get to know their lecturers well.

Clarkson University is great for students who:

Are highly-motivated and upbeat individuals who want to graduate with a job in technology and engineering.

Clarkson University might not be the best fit for students who:

Enjoy large populations and huge cities.

University Fast Facts

  • Location: Potsdam, New York
  • Institution Type: Private
  • Admission Rate: 78%
  • Graduation Rate: 75.6%
  • Online Student Enrollment: 437
  • Accreditation: MSCHE-Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Learn More about Clarkson University.