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Mike Paterson

British computer scientist


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Mike Paterson is a computer scientist and Emeritus Professor of Computer Science for the University of Warwick, who specializes in theoretical computer science. He earned his Ph.D. from Cambridge University.

Paterson is a prolific writer and researcher with more than 100 published works. He has written or co-written many articles and papers, including “On counting homomorphisms to directed acyclic graphs”, “Strong spatical mixing for lattice graphs with fewer colours,” and “A bound on the capacity of backoff and acknowledgement-based protocols”.

He was recognized by the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science for his contributions to the field in 2006. He has also received the Dijkstra Prize for his work on distributed computing and a best paper award from ICALP for the aforementioned work on counting graph homomorphisms.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and former president of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science. His ongoing work with the Foundations of Computer Science Research Group works to research complexity theory, parallel and distributed algorithms, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, cryptography, and formal methods for the creation of probabilistic, hybrid, quantum computing and biological systems. He continues to work with students and researchers around the world to advance our understanding of theoretical computer science.

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University of Warwick
University of Warwick

University in Coventry, United Kingdom

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