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Norman Finkelstein

American political scientist and author


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Norman Gary Finkelstein is an activist, author, professor and political science, specializing in the study of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Holocaust. He earned a B.A. at Binghamton University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Princeton University. Both of Finkelstein’s parents survived the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, as well as a series of concentration and labor camps.

He has been a faculty member at Rutgers University, Hunter College, DePaul University, New York University and Brooklyn College. Finkelstein has been critical of Israeli policies, leading to a feud with academic counterpuncher Alan Dershowitz and a 10-year ban from entering the country of Israel. The feud with Dershowitz is believed to have played a part in Finkelstein’s eventual denial of tenure by DePaul University.

Unafraid of controversy, Finkelstein has written extensively on topics such as Zionism, Palestine and the exploitation of the Holocaust to further Israeli political and financial interests. His book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, suggests that Israel continues to leverage the horrors of the Holocaust in order to inoculate itself against criticism for human rights violations. The work caused strong feelings both for and against his thesis, reflective of the difficult nature of the debate.

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Norman Gary Finkelstein is an American political scientist, activist, former professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust. He is a graduate of Binghamton University and received his Ph.D. in political science at Princeton University. He has held faculty positions at Brooklyn College, Rutgers University, Hunter College, New York University, and DePaul University, where he was an assistant professor from 2001 to 2007.

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Hunter College

University in New York City

City University of New York

Public university system in New York City

Brooklyn College

Senior college of the City University of New York, located in Brooklyn

Binghamton University

Public university in New York State

Rutgers University

Multi-campus American public research university in New Jersey, United States

DePaul University

Private Catholic university in Chicago, Illinois

New York University

Private research university in New York City

Princeton University

Private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey, United States

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