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Ravi V. Bellamkonda is the Vinik Dean of Engineering and professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in biomedical engineering from Osmania University and a Ph.D. in medical science and biomaterials from Brown University.

Bellamkonda is a well-known biomedical engineer, who has focused on the use of biomaterials to repair spinal nerves, improve neural interfaces and therapeutically improve brain tumors. His laboratory is experimenting with the use of biomaterials in the nervous system to regenerate peripheral nerves, and interface brain electrodes. The BBC created a special report on his work titled, “Cancer: ‘Tumor Monorail’ Can Lead Cancers to Their Doom”.

He is the former president of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering and former deputy director of research at the Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the Engineering of Living Tissues. He has been awarded a Clemson Award for Applied Research by the Society for Biomaterials and a Global Indus Technovator Award by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a fellow of the Institute of Physics and the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. In 2015, he was a member of the CREATE-X executive team at Georgia Tech.

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According to Wikipedia, Ravi V. Bellamkonda is an Indian-American biomedical engineer and provost of Emory University. He was previously Vinik Dean of Engineering at Duke University. Bellamkonda's laboratory explores the interplay of biomaterials and the nervous system for the development of peripheral nerve regeneration, brain electrode interfacing and brain tumor therapies.

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