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According to Wikipedia, Richard Ernest Bellman was an American applied mathematician, who introduced dynamic programming in 1953, and made important contributions in other fields of mathematics. Biography Bellman was born in 1920 in New York City to non-practising Jewish parents of Polish and Russian descent, Pearl and John James Bellman, who ran a small grocery store on Bergen Street near Prospect Park, Brooklyn. On his religious views, he was an atheist. He attended Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn in 1937, and studied mathematics at Brooklyn College where he earned a BA in 1941. He later earned an MA from the University of Wisconsin. During World War II he worked for a Theoretical Physics Division group in Los Alamos. In 1946 he received his Ph.D at Princeton under the supervision of Solomon Lefschetz. Beginning 1949 Bellman worked for many years at RAND corporation and it was during this time that he developed dynamic programming.

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