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Richard Noll

American psychologist


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Richard Noll is a clinical psychologist and historian of medicine. He is best known for his publications in the history of psychiatry, including two critical volumes on the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung and his books and articles on the history of dementia praecox and schizophrenia. He is also known for his publications in anthropology on shamanism. His books and articles have been translated into fifteen foreign languages and he has delivered invited presentations in nineteen countries on six continents.

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The New School
The New School

Private research university, located in Greenwich Village, New York City, United States

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Harvard University
Harvard University

Private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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DeSales University
DeSales University

Private Catholic University in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

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University of Arizona
University of Arizona

Public university in Tucson, Arizona, United States

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