3 Inexpensive Colleges in Florida with No Application Fee

3 Inexpensive Colleges in Florida with No Application Fee

Key Takeaways

  • Florida offers a range of budget-friendly colleges and universities focused on accessibility.
  • Avoiding application fees can simplify your college search and help you to focus more on finding the right school for you.
  • If affordability is crucial, Florida state law some students to have their tuition and fees waived for college if they meet certain criteria.

As college costs continue rising across the United States, students and families are searching for affordable higher education options more than ever. This poses a challenge for those looking to attend college in Florida without breaking the bank.

Luckily, the Sunshine State offers a range of budget-friendly colleges and universities focused on accessibility. Several accredited institutions across Florida do not charge application fees, helping streamline the admissions process.

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Top Inexpensive Colleges in Florida with No Application Fee

We highlight some of Florida’s most inexpensive colleges that feature no-cost applications. By avoiding application fees, you can simplify your college search and focus more on finding the right fit. Read on to discover Florida schools where you can skip fees but still get a quality, worthwhile education on a budget.

Santa Fe College

Gainesville , FL

Career Outlook for degree at Santa Fe College

Cost of Degree: $2,563
Starting Salary: $39,100

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College, established in 1965 by the Florida legislature, is renowned for its commitment to providing wide access to quality higher education. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the college offers a diverse range of over 90 certificate and associate’s degree programs, as well as 18 bachelor’s degree programs.

The college prides itself on its student-centered approach, boasting an 84% overall student success rate and a 97% vocational student job placement rate. With an open admissions policy requiring only a high school diploma or GED certificate, Santa Fe College is highly accessible to a wide range of students.

The college is also actively engaged in athletics, represented by the Santa Fe Saints in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), and offers a variety of student life services including fitness, child care, and medical services to enhance the college experience.

Tuition Fees

When it comes to tuition costs, they are grouped in the following way:

  • Florida residents: lower-division $77.98/credit, upper-division $91.79/credit
  • Non-Florida residents: lower-division $231.12/credit, upper-division $275.00/credit

The tuition and fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are $2,563 for Florida residents and $9,189 for other students, making quality education a feasible investment.

Santa Fe College stands out as a top choice for students in Florida due to its accessible education, diverse program offerings, and strong focus on student success.

Other Rankings

Career Outlook for degree at Seminole State College of Florida

Cost of Degree: $3,131
Starting Salary: $35,100

Seminole State College of Florida, initially established as Seminole Community College, was renamed in 2009 to reflect its expanded academic offerings, including bachelor’s degrees. The diverse range of programs includes 39 online degree and certificate programs, along with five online baccalaureate degree programs.

A key feature of Seminole State is its partnership with the University of Central Florida through the DirectConnect to UCF program. This initiative guarantees Seminole State graduates seamless admission to the university, making it an ideal choice for students aiming to continue their education at a larger institution.

Seminole State College is an excellent option for students seeking diverse educational pathways, from affordable associate degrees to bachelor’s degrees and certificates. The college’s close ties with local industries ensure that programs are relevant and cater to the current workforce needs, making it a pragmatic and forward-thinking choice for students.

Seminole State has a 45% graduation rate, and those with a degree tend to earn about $35,000 per year at their job.

Tuition and Acceptance

With a welcoming 100% acceptance rate, this school embraces students from diverse backgrounds. Tuition is $83.40 per credit hour for Florida residents and $335.10 per credit hour for non-Florida residents.

Seminole State College of Florida’s Online Degrees

BS in Business And Information Management
  • Required Credits: 120
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: Online
BS in Construction
  • Required Credits: 126
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: Online
BS in Information Systems Technology
  • Required Credits: 120
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: Online
BS in Health Sciences
  • Required Credits: 120
  • Completion Time: None Reported
  • Format: Online
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Other Rankings

New College of Florida, a public liberal arts college located in Sarasota, Florida, is part of the State University System of Florida. It has gained recognition for its unique educational approach, offering more than 50 majors ranging from Data Science and Marine Biology to physics and computer science degrees.

New College of Florida has distinctive graduation requirements, including the completion of seven satisfactory semester contracts, three satisfactory Independent Study Projects (ISPs), and a minimum of 31 academic units.

Students are also required to complete a senior project or thesis and meet specific general education requirements through the Chart Your Course program. The college also places a strong emphasis on personalized career preparation, pairing each student with a nationally certified career coach/adviser from day one.

The college’s commitment to an affordable education, evident through its no application fee, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid programs, makes it an attractive choice for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Tuition Fees

For Florida residents, the average annual tuition is $6,915.60, with each credit hour costing $192.10. For out-of-state students, it’s $831.79 per credit hour, and the average annual tuition is just under $30,000.

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Pros and Cons of Applying to Colleges Without Application Fees

Navigating the world of colleges without application fees is both liberating and nuanced. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks:

Advantages of Saving Money During the Application Process

Applying to college without hefty application charges is a financial sigh of relief. It opens doors for aspiring students to break down financial barriers. The saved funds could be redirected toward educational resources or future endeavors to enhance the overall academic journey.

In the pursuit of knowledge, the financial aspect plays a pivotal role. Choosing colleges without application fees is a strategic move, allowing you to allocate your resources wisely. The financial relief at the application stage ensures that aspiring minds can enter higher education irrespective of financial background.

Potential Drawbacks of Colleges Without Application Fees

While the absence of application fees is undoubtedly a plus, nuances exist. The first drawback is that the lack of an application fee does not guarantee acceptance, and it might even hinder the acceptance rate if the college faces higher demand due to the lower fees.

Additionally, the lack of application fees might cause higher management costs for the university due to the larger number of applicants and fewer funds raised through this fee. This might cause less investment on the college’s part to renew and update their programs and locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free college in Florida?

Florida state law determines that adults up to 28 years old can have their tuition and fees waived for college if they meet certain criteria. This means that if you are eligible, you can enroll in a higher education degree at a public university entirely for free.

What’s the cheapest college in Florida?

Santa Fe College emerges as a wise choice for affordability. With reasonable tuition fees, Santa Fe College exemplifies that quality education doesn’t have to be synonymous with financial strain.

What Florida college is the easiest to get into?

The Seminole State College of Florida is one of the easiest colleges in Florida to get into. Additionally, with a 95% placement rate, Seminole State College of Florida ensures that aspiring students can get out of college and find a job just as easily.


Choosing the right college becomes a big endeavor, shaping the foundation for your academic pursuits. However, due to the higher cost of higher education, it might be a great idea to check out alternatives without the unnecessary financial burden of an application fee.

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