How to Get into Your Dream College … YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

How to Get into Your Dream College … YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

Crimson Education is a global leader in college admissions consulting services. 5% of today’s Ivy-League-accepted students used Crimson’s services!

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Top universities provide incredible access to opportunities in academics, extracurriculars, careers, and more. To many, the possibility of getting into their dream school seems like just that – a dream. But with the right tools and support, getting into your top school is entirely achievable.

Let’s start by breaking down the expectations of university admissions. Admissions officers want students that are not only strong academically or in standardized testing, but students who have also displayed intellectual curiosity and who use their passions to positively impact the community. There are many strategies for ensuring that your natural skills and interests shine through, but it’s important to have guidance. With expert guidance, you can be sure you’re on the right path, and that you’re making the most of your opportunities.

What is Crimson Education?

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Crimson believes in crafting holistic programs that allow students to explore their passions and build the necessary skills to excel in college and beyond, making our students the world leaders of tomorrow.

Crimson’s approach is simple. We help students gain admission to the best universities around the world by building personalized and strategic roadmaps based on each student’s academic ambitions. We do this through hands-on mentoring and one-on-one support every step of the way. One size fits all? Not at Crimson.

Since 2013, Crimson students around the world have gained admission to some of the world’s leading institutions. Even more importantly, these students have gained admission into their best-fit universities. Crimson has the leading results of any admissions firm. Students who work with us are significantly more likely to get into a top choice school. In fact, 1% of the incoming class of Penn, Yale, and Cornell are all Crimson students!

We pride ourselves on the quality and discipline of our advisors and tutors. They are handpicked for their excellent academic achievements and commitment to student success.

Our partnerships and strategic relationships with companies such as U.S. News & World Report, HSBC, Influence Networks, and more, allow us to share our immense network of knowledge and expertise to help families navigate the university application process successfully!

Crimson Education’s Services

Admissions Support

We are incredibly proud to be the world’s leading university admissions support company specializing in helping students across the globe gain entry to some of the world’s most competitive universities including the Ivy League, Oxford, and Cambridge. Our holistic approach provides support across all areas of the US and UK application processes including everything from best-fit university selection and standardized test tutoring to extracurricular mentoring and personal essay support.

Extracurricular Mentoring

Crimson pairs students with mentors for one-on-one consultation. Student and mentor work together to identify and develop student interests, create a plan, and execute a fantastic capstone or independent project. Some examples of Crimson student capstone projects include: building an app, founding a nonprofit, launching a business, crafting a community service initiative, conducting international research, and much more!

Internship Placement

Crimson also works with students to assist with researching and securing internships at a high level while still in high school. Through our connections with thousands of national and international companies, our students have completed internships in fields like STEM, lifestyle, marketing, finance, etc.

Online Tutoring

At Crimson, we engage the world’s best teachers and tutors in specific curricula to help students reach their high school and university admissions goals. Our online learning removes geography restrictions and mitigates time constraints. This strategy also eliminates the need for tutor home visits. Given the educational climate under the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach dramatically reduces the risks that come from gathering in classrooms or other populated spaces.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources for you as you begin your college admissions journey! We know balancing work, life, and now homeschooling is no easy feat. Check out our collection of webinars, guides, and case studies below! To speak with a Crimson advisor about your student’s unique goals and profile, feel free to schedule a chat here.


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