Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Getting a college or graduate degree can lead to new career opportunities. But what are your career options? What’s the right degree for your particular professional goals? And what are the next critical steps in your career development after graduation? We offer a growing series of guides and resources designed to provide career guidance as you advance in both your education and on your career path.

Or, you can read on to find out how the right degree can help you achieve your career goals.

Career Counselor

For career counseling on everything from writing a good cover letter and resume to taking advantage of career guidance programs on campus, we offer helpful tips and advice for students on career paths of all kinds. Read on for more ways to make a splash in the workforce.

You can also get started with our comprehensive Guide to Getting a Job After Graduation.

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Choosing a major is a big part of your higher education and could be an important stepping stone on the way to your career. Of course, going to college is about more than just getting a job.

But you do have a chance to build knowledge, refine valuable skills, and pursue meaningful credentials in your chosen field. This is why choosing a major is an important part of the educational process.

We’ve got resources designed to help you choose a major that matches both your personal area of interest and your long-term career plans. Read on for other ways of selecting your area of study.

Tips for Choosing a Major

Before selecting your major, make sure you know what to expect.

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Choosing the Right School For Your Major

If you already know what you want to major in but you’re still shopping around for schools, you can start your search by looking at the best schools for your degree program.

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As a college student, you have access to countless valuable resources including job fairs, career counselors, and in some cases, even assistance in job placement. While the career counselor’s role is to help you take advantage of these resources, and even help you make contact with employers, it’s still up to you to figure out which career connects best with your goals, abilities, and educational path.

Check out our tips, resources, and a directory of career paths based on your chosen degree.

Job Opportunities

See where some of the best paying and most exciting jobs are today!

Career Paths

Read on for a look at the job opportunities and salaries associated with these popular degree paths.

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