Study Starters Hub

Study Starters Hub

High school and college students, we have the resources you need to enhance your study skills and boost your research skills.

Our unique collection of Study Starters is designed to kickstart your research, enhance your study skills, and build your knowledge in a wide range of subject areas. The primary goal of these creative curriculum study starters is to help you think about popular disciplines in new ways. From historical overviews to our curated lists of top influencers in every field, we offer a wealth of resources to help you through your higher education and beyond.

Creative Curriculum Study Starters

Cram for tests, get ideas for papers, and start your research with these popular lists:

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Brief Histories

Every academic subject is built on the shoulders of giants. We offer a comprehensive history of the top disciplines. Here, you’ll find insights into figures of influence, those who exhibited leadership in their fields, and the key concepts that still inform our learning today. Learn more about the scholars and legends who shaped each of these critical academic disciplines:

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Classics Bright Notes

Our series of Bright Notes study starters are among our most valuable study tools. The links below are part of a growing collection of study guides based on Classics from both American and World literature. Titles were chosen based on their popularity and their distribution of usage across both high school and higher education. These study starters help readers understand the core concept at the heart of each text as well as providing insight into complex ideas. Consider these Bright Notes a valuable supplemental resource for your reading and writing.

Learn more about our Bright Notes Series here!

Check out our full library of study guides, tools, and tips, here.

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