Interactive Infographics

Interactive Infographics

Magnify the Universe

From Planck’s length to the observable universe and everything between.

With Magnifying the Universe, explore the sizes of objects in the observable universe from the largest celestial bodies to the smallest particles. Compare the size of an elephant to Mount Everest or the size of Texas to the planet Neptune!

To use the tool, just scroll with your fingers or mouse and watch the objects take form.


In these powerful interactive tools, travel back and forth in time to see the most influential people or schools of a given discipline at different centuries, decades or years. Take advantage of this time machine to discover the most influential physicist in 1820 or the third most influential university in 1930. Choose your favorite discipline or conference and explore!

Similar to Magnifying the Universe, you can scroll or use the slider to go to each year. However, we recommend using the forward and reverse buttons for the best results.

These timelines are generated by our InfluenceRanking™ Engine. Each ranking is based on a number of different criteria and data. To prevent some of the greatest minds like Albert Einstein and Aristotle from overshadowing others well beyond their lifetime, we’ve chosen to omit each influential person in years soon after their death. While they are, of course, still very influential, omitting these prominent figures allows the timelines to display living influential people of each year, decade, or century.

Influential People Timelines

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