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Ferid Murad

American physician and pharmacologist


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Ferid Murad is an American physician and pharmacologist, and a co-winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He is married to Carol A. Murad with whom he has five children and nine grandchildren.

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Case Western Reserve University

University in Ohio, United States

University of Cincinnati

Public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio

DePauw University

Private liberal arts college in Greencastle, Indiana, United States

Marquette University

Private university in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Education organization in Shanghai, China

University of Virginia

Public research university in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Academic health center in Houston, Texas, United States

University of Texas at Austin

Public research university in Austin, Texas, United States

George Washington University

University in Washington, D.C.

Stanford University

Private research university located in Stanford, California, United States

University of Alberta

Public research university in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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