George Washington University
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George Washington University

University in Washington, D.C.

By James Barham, PhD

George Washington University (GWU) was founded in 1821, under the name of Columbian College, by an act of the US Congress, signed by President James Monroe.

In 1873, the university underwent an expansion, changing its name to Columbian University. In 1904, it assumed its present name, and in 1912 it moved its campus to its present location in the Washington neighborhood of Foggy Bottom.

Today, GWU consists of 14 colleges and schools, including the:

  • Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (considered to be the direct descendant of the original Columbian College founded in 1821)
  • Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration
  • George Washington University Law School
  • Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

Both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank operate out of offices located on GWU’s main campus in Foggy Bottom, just blocks away from the White House and the US State Department.

With a student body topping 27,000, GWU is the largest university located in the United States’ capital city.

As might be expected, many GWU-connected students and faculty have been prominent in the public life of the United States and other countries.

For example, we may note the following well-known GWU alumni:

  • Current US Attorney General, William Barr
  • Political consultant, former US Presidential Counselor, Kellyanne Conway
  • Founding Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles
  • Former US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles
  • Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister and Ambasador to US, Abba Eban
  • Current US Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper
  • Former US Senator, J. William Fulbright
  • Current President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé
  • Current President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
  • Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó
  • Founding Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover
  • Former US Senator, Daniel Inouye
  • Former President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak
  • Former US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, Colin Powell
  • Former US Senator, Harry Reid
  • Former President of South Korea, Syngman Rhee
  • Former President of Georgia,mMikheil Saakashvili
  • Former Prime Minister of Mongolia, Chimediin Saikhanbileg
  • Political correspondent, Director of GWU School of Media and Public Affairs, Frank Sesno
  • Lawyer, judge, university president, and special prosecutor of Bill Clinton impeachment investigation, Kenneth W. Starr
  • Current US Senator and candidate for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination, Elizabeth Warren

Of special interest is GWU Law School graduate Belva Ann Bennett, who in 1879 became the first woman authorized to argue cases before the US Supreme Court. Also, sitting US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas formerly lectured at the GWU Law School.

Among GWU-connected individuals in the STEM disciplines, we may mention:

  • Biochemist, Nobel laureate, Julius Axelrod
  • Physicist, George Gamow
  • Physicist, Nobel laureate, Masatoshi Koshiba
  • Physiologist, Nobel laureate, Ferid Murad
  • Biochemist, Nobel laureate, Marshall Nirenberg
  • Physicist, Edward Teller
  • Biochemist, Nobel laureateVincent du Vigneaud

Other GWU-associated individuals include:

  • Actor, Karen Allen
  • Actor, Alec Baldwin
  • Sociologist, Amitai Etzioni
  • Novelist, Edward P. Jones


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What is George Washington University known for?

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Social Work
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Earth Sciences

Influential People

Who are George Washington University's Most influential alumni?

George Washington University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Nursing, Communications, and Law. George Washington University’s most academically influential people include L. Ron Hubbard, Bob Woodward, and Glenn Greenwald.

L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard

American science fiction author and the founder of the Church of Scientology

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Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward

American journalist

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Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald

American journalist, lawyer and writer

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Aldrich Ames
Aldrich Ames

Central Intelligence Agency counter-intelligence officer and analyst

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Anwar al-Awlaki
Anwar al-Awlaki

Yemeni-American imam

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Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell

United States Army general during World War I

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David Lynch
David Lynch

American filmmaker, visual artist, and musician

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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

American actor, writer, producer, and comedian

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Lester Frank Ward
Lester Frank Ward

American sociologist and paleontologist

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Roger Stone
Roger Stone

American lobbyist

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Edward Elmer Smith
Edward Elmer Smith

Food engineer and author

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Brian Williams
Brian Williams

American TV news anchor

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