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Jenny Nelson

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Jenny Nelson is Professor of Physics at Imperial College London. Irish by birth, Nelson received her undergraduate education from Churchill College, Cambridge University. In 1988, she obtained her PhD in physics from the University of Bristol. She wrote her dissertation on the optics of fractal clusters under the supervision of Michael Berry.

Since arriving at Imperial College London, Nelson has been associated with the Blackett Laboratory in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, as well as with the Grantham Institute—Climate Change and the Environment.

Nelson is best known for her work on the basic physics of photovoltaic cells. More specifically, her research has focused on the detailed physical description of new kinds of materials for use in the more-efficient transformation of solar energy into electricity. These have included nanostructured (inorganic) electronic materials (such as nanocrystalline oxides), disordered (organic) electronic materials, and organic-inorganic hybrids.

Today, Nelson leads her own research group—the Nelson Group—which focuses its research efforts on the following fields:

  • Energy Access
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Models & Simulation
  • Organic Solar Cells
  • Polymer Batteries
  • Photocatalysis

She has written some 575 peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as the widely read textbook, The Physics of Solar Cells.

Nelson is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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Jenny Nelson is Professor of Physics in the Blackett Laboratory and Head of the Climate change mitigation team at the Grantham Institute - Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London.Education Nelson was educated at the University of Cambridge and the University of Bristol where she obtained her PhD in 1988 for research on the optics of fractal clusters supervised by Michael Berry.

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University of Freiburg

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Western Sydney University

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University of Bristol

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Ohio University

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Imperial College London

Public research university located in London, United Kingdom

University of Cambridge

Collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

University of California, Davis

Public university in Davis, California; part of the University of California system

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