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Nicole Westmarland is an activist and professor of criminology for Durham University. She is the organizer of the first North East Conference on Sexual Violence, which has been held annually since 2007 and now coincides with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. She earned a B.Sc. in psychology and women’s studies from the University of Teesside, and an M.A. in women’s studies and a Ph.D. in social policy and social work from the University of York.

She has been active in feminist organizations dedicated to the protection of women from domestic violence and prostitution. In the early years of her career, she co-edited two important volumes with colleague Geetanjali Gangoli, International Approaches to Prostitution: Law and Policy in Europe and Asia and International Approaches to Rape. These volumes explored cultural and social attitudes, approaches and criminalization in countries throughout the world. Her research has provided valuable insights into the way that authorities respond to complaints of rape and the effectiveness of community domestic violence perpetrator programs.

Westmarland has authored many reports on sexual violence, including “Has anything changed? Results of a comparative study (1977-2010) on opinions of rape” and “Women’s views on the policing of rape, domestic violence and stalking within the Cleveland Police area.”

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According to Wikipedia, Nicole Westmarland is an academic and activist in the area of violence against women. She is currently a Professor at the University of Durham, where she researches rape, domestic violence and prostitution. With Geetanjali Gangoli, she has edited two books: International Approaches to Rape, and International Approaches to Prostitution: Law and Policy in Europe and Asia. Originally a taxi driver, Westmarland’s first publication focused upon security issues for female taxi drivers, following her finding that female drivers were significantly more likely to face sexual harassment from customers than their male counterparts.

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