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Dr. Catchings has been a Research Geophysicst for the US Department of Interior’s United States Geological Survey (USGS) since 1981. Catchings served as Chief Scientist for the Earthquake Hazards Team, 2005–2008. Dr. Catchings’ scientific interests include seismic evaluation of the subsurface, particularly as it relates to earthquake and other hazards, groundwater and other resources, and tectonics. Catchings also develops seismic methodologies. He has conducted numerous studies and served as advisor for more than 60 local, state, federal, and international government agencies, and private organizations. He has served as research advisor for 15 M.S. and Ph.D. students. Catchings has more than 430 published works, including journal articles, reports, conference papers, and abstracts. Alma maters: Stanford University PhD in Geophysics, University of Wisconsin–Madison MS in Geophysics, and Appalachian State University BS in Geophysics.

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