Guide to Influential Books

Guide to Influential Books

Our guide to influential books offers a unique set of resources to help boost your research skills.

One of the best ways to begin your research into any topic is to start with the key books in the field. We offer the resources to start your research or paper writing in just such a way.

Human beings have used literature for centuries to record everything from scientific innovation and mathematical discovery to historical documentation and religious texts. In essence, the most influential literature can illuminate our very being as humans. In other words, the collection below is a window into all of human history, especially through the lens of Western Civilization and the English language.

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Influential Titles By Discipline

Using our powerful Influence Ranking algorithm, we’ve identified the most important and influential titles in every single discipline. You’ll find history books on World War II and the Trojan War; psychology books about dream interpretation and mental health disorders; famous political treatises like the Communist Manifesto and Common Sense; classic literature from Charles Darwin to Uncle Tom’s Cabin; landmark books on everything from feminist philosophy and the modern environmental movement to the French Revolution and William Shakespeare.

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Classics Bright Notes

Our series of Bright Notes study starters are among our most valuable study tools. The links below are part of a growing collection of study guides based on Classics from both American and World literature. Get support understanding the basic concepts and complex ideas driving some of the most widely read books ever written.

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