Brigham Young University
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Brigham Young University

Private research university in Provo, Utah, United States

Brigham Young University Rankings

By James Barham, PhD

Brigham Young University (BYU) was founded in 1875 as the Brigham Young Academy. It is a private, research university owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

In 1903, the academy was divided into two parts, Brigham Young High School and Brigham Young University. Over the course of the twentieth century, BYU gradually acquired the resources and curriculum of a modern research university. By the 1970s, the school had acquired a greatly expanded library, as well as several respected professional schools, including the J. Reuben Clark Law School and the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology.

In 1989, a satellite campus opened in Jerusalem, in Israel.

The student body numbers more than 33,600 individuals. All BYU students must take an oath to live by a strict honor code pertaining both to academics and personal conduct. Although the school is open to persons of all faiths, around 99 percent of students belong to the LDS Church.

Prominent BYU-associated individuals include the following:

  • Mathematician, David Bailey
  • Computer scientists, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw & Bruce Bastian
  • Romance novelist, Stephenie Meyer
  • Science fiction novelists, Orson Scott Car & Brandon Sanderson
  • Memoirist and essayist, Tara Westover
  • Inspirational author and speaker, Stephen Covey
  • Actors Jon Heder & Aaron Eckhart
  • Comedian, Matthew Meese
  • Artist, James C. Christensen
  • Violinist, singer, songwriter, and dancer, Lindsey Stirling
  • Choral composer, arranger, and director, Mack Wilberg
  • Physicist and hearing-aid inventor, Harvey Fletcher
  • Inventor and television pioneer, Philo Farnsworth
  • Biochemists, Paul D. Boyer (Nobel laureate) & Scott Strobel
  • Entomologists, Ralph Chamberlin & Vasco Tanner
  • Historians, Mark Choate & Claudia Lauper Bushman
  • Biblical scholar, Bradley Ray Wilcox
  • Economist, Stephen Cameron
  • Economist and business management scholar, Teppo Felin
  • Business consultant and author, Clayton M. Christensen
  • Former Dell Computers President and CEO, Kevin Rollins
  • Former LDS Church President, Thomas Spencer Monson
  • Former US Supreme Court Justice, George Sutherland
  • Former US Senators, Reed Smoot & Orrin Hatch
  • Current US Senators, Mike Crapo & Mike Lee
  • 2012 Republican presidential nominee and current US Senator, Mitt Romney


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Main Campus, Provo UT 84602

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6 per 100k

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0 per 100k

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23 per 100k

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1 per 100k

What is Brigham Young University known for?

Our answer to this is to show you the disciplines in which a school's faculty and alumni have had the highest historical influence. A school may be influential in a discipline even if they do not offer degrees in that area. We've organized two lists to show where they are influential and offer corresponding degrees, and where they are influential through scholarship although they don't offer degrees in the disciplines.

Top areas of influence with degrees offered

#16 World Rank #8 USA Rank
Religious Studies
#41 World Rank #21 USA Rank
#62 World Rank #33 USA Rank
#56 World Rank #37 USA Rank
#44 World Rank #38 USA Rank
#53 World Rank #47 USA Rank
#112 World Rank #52 USA Rank
#83 World Rank #59 USA Rank
Political Science
#147 World Rank #73 USA Rank
#195 World Rank #87 USA Rank
#203 World Rank #103 USA Rank
Computer Science
#244 World Rank #112 USA Rank
#347 World Rank #117 USA Rank
Earth Sciences
#343 World Rank #126 USA Rank
#288 World Rank #129 USA Rank
#239 World Rank #130 USA Rank
#326 World Rank #139 USA Rank
#194 World Rank #146 USA Rank
Criminal Justice
#428 World Rank #149 USA Rank
#263 World Rank #160 USA Rank
Social Work
#241 World Rank #163 USA Rank
#575 World Rank #244 USA Rank
#1380 World Rank #385 USA Rank

Influential People

Who are Brigham Young University's Most influential alumni?

Brigham Young University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Religious Studies, History, and Business. Brigham Young University’s most academically influential people include Orson Scott Card, Spencer W. Kimball, and Philo Farnsworth.

Orson Scott Card
Orson Scott Card

American science fiction novelist

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Spencer W. Kimball
Spencer W. Kimball

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Philo Farnsworth
Philo Farnsworth

American inventor

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Marion G. Romney
Marion G. Romney

Leader of the LDS Church

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Dallin H. Oaks
Dallin H. Oaks

Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson

American fantasy writer

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Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer

American author

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Paul R. Cheesman

Mormon scholar

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James E. Talmage
James E. Talmage

American Mormon leader

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Jeffrey R. Holland
Jeffrey R. Holland

Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Thomas S. Monson
Thomas S. Monson

President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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Dave Ulrich
Dave Ulrich

American academic

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