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About Drew University

According to Wikipedia, Drew University is a private university in Madison, New Jersey. Drew has been nicknamed the "University in the Forest" because of its wooded campus. As of fall 2020, more than 2,200 students were pursuing degrees at the university's three schools.

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How Much Does Drew University Cost To Attend?

Tuition (in-state)
Price by Family Income
IncomeAverage Net Cost
0 - 30K$16,895
30K - 48K$17,287
48K - 75K$20,243
75K - 110K$29,659

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

How Much Do Drew University Graduates Make?

If you graduate from Drew University, then you can expect to earn an average of $58,500 per year. You also have a 90% chance of being employed after 10 years.

Drew University's Demographics

Demographic data is for full-time, on-campus students.

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Where is Drew University?

Drew University is located at 36 Madison Ave, Madison NJ 07940

How Safe is Drew University?

Madison has a violent crime rate of less than .01% and a property crime rate of less than .01%.

What Is Drew University Known For?

Drew University is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Drew University's Top Areas of Influence With Degrees Offered

Who Are Drew University's Most Influential Alumni?

Drew University's most influential alumni include professors and professionals in the fields of Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Psychology. Here are some of Drew University's most famous alumni:

Robert M. Price
Robert M. Price
An American theologian.
David B. Audretsch
An American economist.
J. B. Matthews
J. B. Matthews
An American political activist.
George Selgin
An American economist.
Calvin O. Butts
An American pastor.
Peter Deunov
Peter Deunov
A Christian philosopher, Teacher of Esoteric Christianity.
Steven Ozment
An American historian.
Arturo Valenzuela
Arturo Valenzuela
An American political official.
Clint Bolick
Clint Bolick
An American attorney, writer, activist. Clint Bolick is Associate Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.
Soon-Yi Previn
Soon-Yi Previn
A Wife of Woody Allen.
Karen Hunter
An American journalist.
William Barber II
A Civil rights leader from North Carolina.

Who Are Drew University's Most Influential Faculty?

Drew University's most influential faculty include professors in the fields of Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Psychology. Here are some of Drew University's most famous alumni:

William C. Campbell
William C. Campbell
An Irish biochemist.
James Strong
James Strong
An American theologian.
Norman J. Kansfield
A Calvinist clergyman and scholar.
John Fletcher Hurst
John Fletcher Hurst
An American Methodist Episcopal bishop .
John Miley
An American theologian.
John McClintock
John McClintock
An American theologian.
Robert Weisbuch
An Academic.
Barbara Hibbs Blake
An American mammalogist and college professor .
Nicholas Zernov
A Christian theologian and ecumenist.
MaryAnn Baenninger
MaryAnn Baenninger
A Psychologist, college president.
Paul Hardin III
Paul Hardin III
An American academic administrator.
Patrick Phillips
An American writer.

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