University of Sussex
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University of Sussex

University in Brighton and Hove, UK

By James Barham, PhD

The University of Sussex was established by royal charter in 1961 in the village of Falmer, in the eastern portion of the sprawling South Downs National Park, just north of the seaside city of Brighton, in the county of East Sussex.

From very modest beginnings, Sussex has developed today into a major research university divided into ten schools of study, as well as a respected Institute of Development Studies. It has a student body of more than 21,000.

Sussex is associated with five Nobel laureates, namely,

  • Physicist, Anthony Leggett
  • Chemists, Archer Norman, John Cornforth & Harry Kroto
  • Geneticist, Paul Nurse

Other prominent Sussex–connected people include the following:

  • Philosopher, Margaret Boden
  • Philosopher and intellectual historian, Knud Haakonssen
  • Novelist, Ian McEwan
  • Cosmologists, Martin Reese, John Gribbin & John D. Barrow
  • Physicist, Dimitri Nanopoulos
  • Biochemist, Laurence Pearl
  • Evolutionary biologist, John Maynard Smith
  • Literary scholar, Peter France
  • Literary theorist, Gabriel Josipovici
  • Byzantine scholar, Robin Milner-Gulland
  • Historians, Peter Burke & Maurice Howard
  • Psychologist, Brian Bates
  • Economists, Donald Winch, Mariana Mazzucato, Michael Lipton, Christopher Freeman & Richard Jolly
  • Former Botswanan President, Festus Mogae
  • Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki
  • Current Costa Rican President, Carlos Alvarado Quesada

What is University of Sussex known for?

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Social Work
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Computer Science
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Political Science
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Earth Sciences
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Religious Studies
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Criminal Justice
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Influential People

Who are University of Sussex's Most influential alumni?

University of Sussex's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Biology, Economics, and Social Work. University of Sussex’s most academically influential people include Ian McEwan, Peter J. Bowler, and Duncan Campbell.

Ian McEwan
Ian McEwan

British author

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Peter J. Bowler
Peter J. Bowler

Irish historian of biology and author

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Duncan Campbell
Duncan Campbell

British investigative journalist

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A.C. Grayling
A.C. Grayling

English philosopher

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Norman Davies
Norman Davies

British historian

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Clive Hamilton
Clive Hamilton

Australian public intellectual

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Paul Gilroy
Paul Gilroy

British sociologist

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Kamau Brathwaite

Barbadian poet

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Raj Rajaratnam

American businessman

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Albie Sachs
Albie Sachs

South African anti-Apartheid activist leader, author and judge of the Constitutional Court

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Kim Newman
Kim Newman

English novelist

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Denise Riley

English poet and philosopher

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