What jobs can you get with an online MBA?

What jobs can you get with an online MBA?

Online MBAs started to grow in popularity even before the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, due to lockdown restrictions, institutions offering an online MBA have had more enrollment than those without.

Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of online MBA’s, aspiring and seasoned professionals no longer need to quit working or move across town (or to another state) to earn a graduate degree and unlock higher-level career paths. Education has become more accessible to everyone, allowing them to follow their aspirations of starting their own business or moving forward in the corporate world.

The online MBA is a very flexible grad degree. You can use the online MBA to get jobs in many different fields. You can also do many different roles with an online MBA.

An MBA graduate can pursue various leadership positions. In the business sector, an MBA graduate is qualified for a job like marketing manager, human resources manager, and financial advisor with an online MBA.

There are also many other jobs you can get with an online MBA including accountant, sales manager, market research analyst, financial manager, entrepreneur, and many others. Your online MBA job will depend on the business concentration you choose in grad school.

Do you know what jobs with online MBA you can possibly have? The reach of an online MBA goes far beyond the boundaries of the commercial world.

An online MBA is a versatile degree that can open doors to a variety of industries and professional paths. The top online MBA will help you get a great job with great pay.

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Can you get a good job with an online MBA?

You can get a very good job with an online MBA. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says you can raise your yearly salary by $20,000 to $30,000 by getting an MBA.

Some worry that an online MBA program cannot provide students with the same experiences and opportunities as those on campus. However, online colleges are highly respected, and online students have the same opportunities as students enrolled in in-person MBA programs.

Researchers say that most employers don’t see a difference between an online MBA and an in-person MBA. This means you can get a great job with an online MBA or an in-person MBA.

You can decide whether you want to earn your MBA online or in the classroom. Getting your MBA online won’t stand in the way of your career goals.

See our complete guide to MBAs for more information.

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Can you still create a valuable network with an online MBA?

With the help of an online MBA, you can engage with people from different backgrounds and business sectors. You can actively participate in the program’s networking events and use digital tools to develop a strong and valuable professional network that will serve you well throughout your career. The adaptability and effectiveness of virtual relationships in the contemporary job market are demonstrated by networking through an online MBA.

Virtual Networking Events

For one, reputable MBA programs are known for hosting various conferences, webinars, and virtual networking events that are open for online MBA students. These networking events have a global, if not international, reach.

Online students in MBA programs are given the unique opportunity to meet other students from worldwide, alums, and business professionals. And similar to in-person gatherings, these events allow students to have conversations, share ideas, and create useful contacts with like-minded peers.

Online Collaboration

Several online MBA programs require students to attend live, synchronous classes. These types of classes integrate projects that require group participation, allowing students to interact with one another and form deep connections. You can interact with others, gain knowledge from their experiences, and build meaningful relationships through teamwork.

Social Media Platforms

In addition to networking within or through the school, the most prestigious online MBA will include courses that teach students about various social media platforms to help them create a network on their own.

One of the most popular platforms schools encourage MBA students to use is LinkedIn, the biggest platform that allows students to connect with professionals in their sector or preferred subject. By participating in pertinent LinkedIn groups and discussions, you may grow your network and keep up with business trends.

Alumni Networks

Numerous online MBA programs maintain groups or alums networks. By signing up for these networks, you can access a network of seasoned professionals who can provide direction, mentorship, and even job recommendations.

Informational Interviews

You can set up informational interviews with individuals in your target industry or role with the assistance of your online MBA network or alumni connections. These interviews offer information on particular professional opportunities and trajectories.

Conferences and Webinars

Online MBA students can access industry groups or virtual conferences, webinars, and workshops. These gatherings of professionals and subject matter experts offer networking and education opportunities.

Virtual Coffee Chats

A lot of professionals appreciate this form of networking. But before anything else, you need to know that virtual coffee chats entail drinking actual coffee and should not be simulated. This is an especially popular networking tool for a sales or marketing manager.

You won’t need to travel far to talk with professionals over coffee. You can arrange networking conversations or virtual coffee dates with people in your field who you like or want to learn from. These one-on-one exchanges can encourage closer relationships.

Networking via Email

Email is frequently used to establish and maintain networking contacts in the digital age. An efficient networking strategy is to send individualized and business-like emails to demonstrate an interest in interacting.

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What are the top jobs with an online MBA?

The top jobs with an online MBA degree are accountant managers, human resources managers, marketing managers, and finance managers. While you can get most business jobs with a bachelor’s degree in business, an online MBA helps you get the better jobs or management positions.

An online MBA can also help you move from your current job into a leadership job. Here are some of the top jobs for online MBAs, along with their expected growth rate and median annual salary:

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors are crucial to business operations. They analyze financial records, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide financial advice.

They work in various industries, including public accounting firms, corporate finance departments, and government agencies. Accounts and auditors may advance to financial managers over time.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 6 percent

Median Annual Salary: $77,250

Human Resources Managers

These professionals are in charge of hiring, onboarding, and training new personnel. In order to support the overall objectives of the firm, they handle employee interactions, performance management, and design HR policies and strategies.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 7 percent

Median Annual Salary: $126,230

Marketing Managers

Whether you are an Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager, these professionals/project managers are responsible for planning and executing effective marketing strategies to promote products, services, or brands. They work in various industries, including advertising agencies, marketing firms, corporate marketing departments, and media companies.

The primary goal of marketing managers is to create campaigns that reach the target audience and drive sales or brand awareness.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 10 percent

Median Annual Salary: $133,380


Logisticians manage the supply chain process, including coordinating the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods. They analyze data, optimize logistics operations, and ensure efficient inventory management.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 28 percent

Median Annual Salary: $77,030

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

Sales agents in this field work in the financial services industry, selling securities, commodities, and other financial products to individual and institutional clients. They provide investment advice, manage portfolios, and execute trades on behalf of clients.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 10 percent

Median Annual Salary: $62,910

Personal Financial Advisors

Personal financial advisors can work with individuals, groups, or families to help them create a plan for their long term financial goals. They provide advice on investment strategies, retirement planning, tax management, and estate planning to optimize their client’s financial situations.

Expected Growth Rate 2021-31: 15 percent

Median Annual Salary: $94,170

What’s the Difference between an Online MBA and Traditional MBA?

Will an online MBA restrict me to the business sector only?

A typical business job and an online MBA are frequently linked, providing MBA graduates with the expertise they need to succeed in corporate environments. However, the online MBA is a very flexible grad degree. Aside from the business sector, there are numerous other fields and industries that will hire the right MBA graduate:

Healthcare Management and Administration

Health care facilities are intricate corporate entities that call for capable management and leadership. With the help of a health services manager with an online MBA, healthcare workers may successfully traverse the complex financial, operational, and strategic difficulties facing the sector.

Technology and Innovation

Innovation and disruption are key components of the tech business. An online MBA equips IT enthusiasts and information systems managers with the analytical skills and entrepreneurial mindset to manage projects, lead tech start-ups, and promote innovation inside well-established tech companies.

Nonprofit and Social Impact

An online MBA equips top executives in the nonprofit sector to increase social impact while effectively allocating scarce resources. For nonprofit organizations to expand sustainably and fulfill their missions, skills in financial administration, marketing, and strategic planning are crucial.

Government and Public Policy

An online MBA supports workers in the public sector who want to use strong business principles to address societal concerns. Government organizations gain from having leaders with good managerial and financial skills.

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Are any online MBA programs worth it?

Many online MBA programs are worth it. The online MBA can lead to many well-paying jobs in business.

Online MBAs are an affordable and flexible way to get your business graduate degree. One of the best things about the online MBA is that you can take classes on your schedule. This makes it easier to keep working while you earn your online MBA degree.

An online MBA is especially worth it if you want to keep your job while you get your degree. This means your online MBA can help you get promotions and raises in your current role. An online MBA can either help you get a great job or make more money in the job you have right now.

Some of the most worthwhile MBA programs are offered by HBCUs. HBCU online MBA programs perform very well for the value. Many of the top online MBA programs from HBCUs cost less than $10,000 a year.

If you want to do your own search for online MBAs consider these factors in narrowing down your choices:

Accreditation and Reputation

Reputation is the first thing you must look for in an online MBA program. Colleges and universities with regional and programmatic accreditations will give you confidence that you’ll earn a respected and highly-valued degree. Check rankings, alumni success stories, and employer impressions to learn more about the school’s and program’s reputation.

Curriculum and Specializations

MBAs offer various specializations. Examine the online MBA program’s curriculum to see if it provides the courses and specializations that are interesting to you and align with your professional goals.

Faculty Qualifications

Look at the credentials and expertise of the program’s advisors. Competent and experienced lecturers can considerably impact the quality of your education.

Career Services and Support

Ask about the online MBA program’s assistance and services for careers. A robust career services division can support networking, internship opportunities, and job placement.

Tuition and Financial Investment

Some online MBAs cost more than others. When searching for a worthwhile online MBA program, you need to analyze the cost in relation to the prospective financial return on investment. Examine the employment results for online MBA program graduates, including their rates of employment, typical incomes, and the kinds of businesses that hired them.

Networking Opportunities

It’s important to only invest in programs capable of offering online MBA students several networking opportunities.

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Does an online MBA result in higher salary?

An online MBA can increase salary. Researchers say that online MBA graduates earn more than students with just an undergraduate degree.

The BLS says MBA graduates with specializations like securities, commodities, and financial services can earn 90% more than those with an undergraduate degree!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that market research analysts, marketing sales managers,and real estate managers all earned much more with an MBA. Research shows that students seeking an online MBA have the same salary range as in-person MBA students.

Free course provider Coursera surveyed students before they started their online MBA programs. These students earned an average salary of $79,532 before getting a grad degree.

The same students earned $96,974 three months after getting their online MBA. This shows that the online MBA increases salary.

What makes an online MBA graduate stand out in the job market?

Demonstrated Leadership and Management Skills

An online master’s degree in business administration strongly emphasizes leadership development, guiding students toward becoming capable managers and decision-makers. Candidates that can lead teams, drive initiatives, and adapt to changing business difficulties are highly valued by employers.

Adaptability and Flexibility

A candidate’s ability to simultaneously work on their employment, education, and personal responsibilities is demonstrated by completing an online MBA. Employers understand that success in an online learning environment requires flexibility and time management skills.

Global Perspectives and Cultural Intelligence

Students seeking an online MBA are exposed to various international perspectives and cross-cultural experiences in distinct virtual classroom settings. Employers functioning in today’s interconnected global corporate landscape find this global perspective quite attractive.

Digital Literacy and Tech Proficiency

The ability to use technology for remote collaboration and communication, as well as digital literacy, are skills that people naturally acquire while doing an online MBA. These abilities are becoming more and more critical in today’s digital workplace.

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Can I work from home with an online MBA?

Working from home is a desirable alternative for many employees, especially those with kids. It reduces commuting time, giving many workers at least an hour more of their day to use productively. This may also mean getting more rest and having a more accommodating schedule.

You can work from home with an online MBA. Ziprecruiter says that an online MBA can lead to many work-from-home jobs. You can work from home for jobs in finance, marketing, business analysis, and more.

Getting an online MBA may make it easier to adjust to a remote business job. It’s also easier than ever to get an online MBA. That’s because you can get into many of the best online MBA programs without a GMAT exam.

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