77 Free Math Resources for Students

These free math resources cover test prep, math tutoring and online resources, math tools, how to deal with math anxiety, as well as articles on math equity and BIPOC organizations focused on math.

77 Free Math Resources for Students

According to the National Education Association, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the U.S. Department of Education to lift statewide standardized testing requirements – standardized tests that, according to InsideHighered reports that have long been recognized as racially biased – they are now, unfortunately, coming back.

No matter your level or academic background, there are all kinds of resources out there to help you prepare for standardized tests, including the SAT, ACT, GED, and more. You just need to know where to look!

Don’t be afraid of math. Instead, be proactive. Get ahead with these free math resources specifically for students. These tools will help you get ahead in algebra, calculus, and more - most from the comfort of your own living room!

Math Test Prep Help

Preparing for standardized tests can be challenging, especially if you aren’t fond of math. These resources can help you nail any exam - whether it’s the SAT, ACT, HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, GED, or something else.

  • Mathhelp.com – Whether you’re in college or helpful, these complete math courses will help you brush up on core math skills you need to ace the exam.
  • Free Practice Tests and Prep Course Reviews – From free practice tests to prep course reviews, this website offers resources in subjects ranging from Allied Health to Nursing - and of course, all things mathematics.
  • ACT Math Test Prep – Preparing for the ACT can be overwhelming since it covers everything from exponents and polynomials to geometry. This resource can help!
  • Free Online Practice Tests – Whether you’re preparing for the ACT, Accuplacer, GED, GED or some other exam, this resource offers practice tests, study guides, flashcards, and other resources to help you succeed.
  • Mathematics Practice Tests – The mathematics portion of the NJSLA can be challenging regardless of the grade level. This website has practice tests for grades 3-8 exams plus algebra and geometry for older students.
  • Prepare for Accuplacer – The Accuplacer is used to help evaluate students’ skills in math, writing, and other subjects to help place them in appropriate college courses. Brush up on your skills here!
  • Math Score Improvement Software – If you want to get higher scores on the ISEE, SSAT, ACT, or SAT (without it feeling like work), you’ve got to give this game-based website a try.
  • Mathematics State Practice Tests – Iowa’s state exams can be tough to prepare for, but these math resources for kids in grades 3-11 can help.
  • Practice Tests and Sample Questions for Smarter Balanced – These practice tests are used in all Smarter Balanced states and territories (including California, Vermont, and Michigan) and can help you prepare for the questions you’ll encounter on the exams.
  • Online Resources for Math Assessment, Test Prep and SAT/GED Prep – Whether you’re homeschooled or just want a bit of extra support to help you get ahead, these math resources should do the trick.
  • Math.com Test Prep Resources – If you’re curious about anything that’s covered on the SAT, ACT, GED, and other standardized tests, you’ll want to consider this ultimate guide and definitive resource on the matter.
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Tutoring and Online Resources

A misconception that many students have is that they can’t afford tutoring. The good news is that there are all kinds of free tutoring resources available online! Check them out below.

  • IntMath tutoring and free lessons – An established service since 1997 offering free math lessons, including algebra, money, trigonometry, problem solving, calculus, and much more. Tutoring options too! (Sponsored Link)
  • Free Online Math Tutoring – Whether it’s statistics, precalculus, trigonometry, or some other subject you need help with, this resource can help.
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is one of the world’s most famous online classrooms, with free world-class lessons in just about every subject.
  • Free Online Math Tutoring Sessions – If you find that you learn best from your peers, Schoolhouse is the way to go. You can work in small groups or in a more 1:1 setting.
  • Mathtutor: A Free Site Where Middle School Students Learn Math – Mathtutor is the perfect resource for middle school students, with automatic record-keeping and interactive tutors.
  • Free Interactive Lessons from Award-Winning Harvard Instructors – Learn from the best with SchoolYourself’s Harvard-educated instructors. It’s perfect for getting ahead or for students who are homeschooled.
  • Free Group Classes from Bored of Boredom – Bored of Boredom offers group classes in both academic and non-academic subjects, with most lessons geared toward kids in grades K-8.
  • Continuing Education During Covid – With 1:1 mentoring, community support, and even events beyond the classroom, CovEd is a peer tutoring platform that’s perfect for at-home learning.
  • Free One-on-One Online Tutoring – Learn to Be offers free 1:1 online tutoring to kids with underserved communities. The best part is that you’ll work with the same tutor for as long as it takes you to meet your goals!
  • Free Educational Tutoring – Resources from Pandemic Professors are available in both Spanish and English, with tools available such as coding classes, mental health advocacy resources, K-12 tutoring, and more.
  • Varsity Tutors – Varsity Teachers offer free and live online classes in everything from acting to - you guessed it - mathematics.
  • Wave Learning Festival – Wave Tutoring is open to everyone - and with hour-long classes offered on Discord or Zoom, it’s easy to squeeze in time for a lesson or two.
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Other Tools and Help for Math

Here are some more resources to give you the help you need in mathematics.

  • Free Online Graphing Calculator – Use this free online graphing calculator to help you in class!
  • Math Learning Center – The Math Learning Center has a multitude of resources for students and educators, including fun app activities.
  • ELLs and Mathematics – This study introduces factors that can influence English Language Learners’ success in Mathematics as well as some strategies that may prove to be useful in the classroom.
  • Math is Fun – With easy-to-understand definitions and links to help you learn more, consider this resource your ultimate guide to math lingo.
  • Math Fortress – This website has all kinds of videos and interactive activities to help you fortify your math knowledge in linear algebra, calculus, algebra, and more.
  • Examples for Mathematics – You can get help on a variety of math topics on WolframAlpha, including elementary math, geometry, algebra, and many others.
  • iMathematics Pro – This app can help you solve math problems and prepare for upcoming mathematics exams.
  • MyScript Calculator – Another app to try is MyScript Calculator, which can serve as a stand-in for other calculator apps.
  • Simulations – This website has all kinds of interactive simulations, including Area Model Algebra, a Calculus Grapher, and more.
  • Virtual Nerd: Middle Grades through Algebra 2 – With more than 1,500 different interactive video lessons, this resource is ideal for mathematics students in grade 6 all the way through Algebra 2.
  • Simple Talking Calculator – This full-screen calculator has all the basic math functions you need - and then some!
  • Virtual Manipulatives – The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a helpful digital resource with tools for algebra, geometry, measurement, and more.
  • Photomath – Not sure how to solve a problem? Just take a picture of it! Photomath can help.
  • Online Calculus Tools – As one of the more complicated branches of mathematics, Calculus can be a tough nut to crack. This website has a list of resources you can use to make it easier.
  • Calculus.org – This is another resource with a list of additional sites for Calculus students.
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Math Anxiety

If you or your students struggle from test anxiety - particularly in mathematics - you’ll find these resources helpful.

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Adult Mathematics Resources

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave grade school. Here are some resources for older learners, including those who are preparing for the GED.

  • Targeted Math Instruction for Adult Learners – These 12 lessons can help you enhance your math skills as you prepare for the GED, HiSET, or TASC exam.
  • Learn GED Math Lessons Online – Here’s an ultimate list of the best mathematics websites for students who are preparing for the GED.
  • Adult Education Mathematics Library – Whether you’re preparing for a test or just want to improve your math skills, this list of adult education resources should help.
  • Literacy Minnesota – You can access all kinds of free classes, such as those in mathematical reasoning, through Literacy Minnesota.
  • Adult Education GED Links – If you want to know exactly what to expect from the GED math section - and explore free learning modules and practice questions - this website is your best bet.
  • Florida Literacy Coalition – Here are some helpful YouTube videos that cover math subjects typically included on the GED.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education – Learn more about what to expect on Pennsylvania mathematics exams.
  • Dyscalculia.orgDyscalculia is a learning disability that makes it difficult to learn and understand arithmetic. If you have dyscalculia, then mastering mathematics can be a challenge - but these resources can help.
  • Utah Education Network Resources for K-12 Education – This final resource has all kinds of topics that are perfect for adult learners as well as for those in grades K-12. From digital books to math shorts videos, you’ll find everything you need to be successful here.
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Math Equity Articles

These resources help make math education more equitable - regardless of race, gender, location, socioeconomic status, and other factors.

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BIPOC Math Orgs

Consider joining one of these organizations for BIPOC students majoring in mathematics disciplines.

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More on Mathematics

If you want more on Math, visit our Mathematics page to find top colleges and universities for mathematics degrees, articles and influential mathematicians, and degree guides for undergraduate or graduate math students, and more.

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