Academic Influence Interviews

At we have the opportunity and honor to speak with many scholars who are highly influential in their fields.

Our interviews typically reveal insights about an academic discipline that prospective students intent on studying that discipline find helpful. At the same time, our interviews explain

  • what top scholars are doing,
  • what got them into their profession,
  • what continues to excite them in their research, and
  • what it’s like being part of the communities into which their studies have led them.

Often we learn that there is so much more happening in a given discipline than is commonly imagined, so that these interviews turn into truly enlightening conversations.

We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we have enjoyed making them.

We are always bringing out new interviews, so please stay tuned.


How anthropologists connect with human suffering | Interview with Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes

How anthropology intersects politics | Interview with Dr. Marshall Sahlins


How anthropology opens doors to study worldwide | Interview with Dr. Ulf Hannerz

How COVID-19, teaching, privacy, and virtual worlds intersect | Interview with Dr. Tom Boellstorff

How hurry is detrimental to a happy life | Interview with Dr. Thomas Hylland Eriksen

How medicine and anthropology merge in caretaking | Interview with Dr. Arthur Kleinman

How money, cryptocurrency, and digital financial systems affect us | Interview with Dr. Bill Maurer

How to overcome the glass ceiling in academia | Interview with Dr. Louise Lamphere


Understanding the plight of refugees from the Middle East | Interview with Dr. Marcia Inhorn


What does it mean to be an anthropologist? | Interview with Dr. Marcia Inhorn