Best Online MBA Programs in Kansas


Key Takeaways

  • An online MBA program in Kansas can open leadership role opportunities in accounting, finance, human resources, organizational administration.
  • There are a number of public universities in Kansas that have a tuition of less than $10K per year.
  • An online MBA degree in Kansas is a perfect option for busy working professionals.

Kansas's Best Online MBA Programs

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  1. University of Kansas
  2. Kansas State University
  3. Wichita State University
  4. Baker University
  5. Tabor College
  6. Newman University, Wichita
  7. Pittsburg State University
  8. Emporia State University
  9. University of Saint Mary
  10. Ottawa University
  1. University of Kansas
  2. Kansas State University
  3. Wichita State University
  4. Baker University
  5. Pittsburg State University
  6. Emporia State University
  7. Ottawa University
  8. Tabor College
  9. University of Saint Mary
  10. Newman University, Wichita
  1. Emporia State University 96%
  2. Wichita State University 95%
  3. Kansas State University 95%
  4. Baker University 92%
  5. University of Kansas 88%
  6. Pittsburg State University 86%
  7. University of Saint Mary 82%
  8. Ottawa University 78%
  9. Tabor College 53%
  10. Newman University, Wichita 51%
  1. Wichita State University 20 to 1
  2. Kansas State University 18 to 1
  3. University of Kansas 17 to 1
  4. Emporia State University 17 to 1
  5. Tabor College 15 to 1
  6. Pittsburg State University 14 to 1
  7. Baker University 13 to 1
  8. University of Saint Mary 12 to 1
  9. Ottawa University 11 to 1
  10. Newman University, Wichita 10 to 1
  1. Tabor College $35,050
  2. Newman University, Wichita $34,400
  3. Ottawa University $33,380
  4. University of Saint Mary $32,540
  5. Baker University $32,320
  6. University of Kansas $10,092
  7. Kansas State University $9,489
  8. Wichita State University $6,848
  9. Pittsburg State University $5,836
  10. Emporia State University $5,278
  1. Tabor College $12,000
  2. Baker University $11,466
  3. University of Saint Mary $11,232
  4. Kansas State University $10,294
  5. University of Kansas $9,989
  6. Ottawa University $9,892
  7. Newman University, Wichita $7,920
  8. Pittsburg State University $6,820
  9. Emporia State University $6,547
  10. Wichita State University $5,544
  1. Ottawa University
  2. University of Saint Mary
  3. Emporia State University
  4. Pittsburg State University
  5. Newman University, Wichita
  6. Tabor College
  7. Baker University
  8. Wichita State University
  9. Kansas State University
  10. University of Kansas
  1. Newman University, Wichita
  2. University of Saint Mary
  3. Tabor College
  4. Ottawa University
  5. Emporia State University
  6. Pittsburg State University
  7. Baker University
  8. Wichita State University
  9. Kansas State University
  10. University of Kansas
  1. Newman University, Wichita 51%
  2. Tabor College 53%
  3. Ottawa University 78%
  4. University of Saint Mary 82%
  5. Pittsburg State University 86%
  6. University of Kansas 88%
  7. Baker University 92%
  8. Kansas State University 95%
  9. Wichita State University 95%
  10. Emporia State University 96%
  1. Newman University, Wichita 10 to 1
  2. Ottawa University 11 to 1
  3. University of Saint Mary 12 to 1
  4. Baker University 13 to 1
  5. Pittsburg State University 14 to 1
  6. Tabor College 15 to 1
  7. University of Kansas 17 to 1
  8. Emporia State University 17 to 1
  9. Kansas State University 18 to 1
  10. Wichita State University 20 to 1
  1. Emporia State University $5,278
  2. Pittsburg State University $5,836
  3. Wichita State University $6,848
  4. Kansas State University $9,489
  5. University of Kansas $10,092
  6. Baker University $32,320
  7. University of Saint Mary $32,540
  8. Ottawa University $33,380
  9. Newman University, Wichita $34,400
  10. Tabor College $35,050
  1. Wichita State University $5,544
  2. Emporia State University $6,547
  3. Pittsburg State University $6,820
  4. Newman University, Wichita $7,920
  5. Ottawa University $9,892
  6. University of Kansas $9,989
  7. Kansas State University $10,294
  8. University of Saint Mary $11,232
  9. Baker University $11,466
  10. Tabor College $12,000

Kansas needs more knowledgeable business professionals to reach its goals of expanding its economy. As a response to the demand, more and more business schools, colleges, and universities in Kansas are offering online MBA degree programs to make their people more educated. The online MBAs in Kansas are among the most diverse programs because they are very accepting of out-of-state and international students with different backgrounds.

Featured Programs

Why pursue an online MBA in Kansas?

Its economy has grown beyond its initial focus on agribusiness to include various developing industries. The state is one of the nation’s fastest-growing bioscience hubs thanks to the construction of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility and the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, a region that houses the world’s highest concentration of animal health interests.

Wichita remains one of the world’s great aviation hubs, earning the city the moniker “Air Capital of the World.” In addition, Kansas has become a national pioneer in distributing food, using wind energy and other renewable energy sources.

All of the mentioned industries require the help of professionals with advanced business knowledge to manage operations, make critical business decisions, and attract, develop, and retain top talent, among other crucial tasks.

One of the reasons why it’s a great idea to consider a Kansas online MBA program is the state’s low cost of living, which subsequently means lower tuition and fees. Due to its inexpensive tuition fees, students will find obtaining an MBA degree more manageable, leaving them with reduced financial burdens. Scholarships and financial aid options may also be more accessible in a developing state.

Moreover, Kansas offers several entrepreneurial opportunities. This state can provide a fertile ground for innovative ventures with an online MBA. It’s not uncommon for developing states to have vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems with lower barriers of entry for startups.

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Colleges and Universities in Kansas

Prospective students searching for both brick-and-mortar and online colleges in Kansas can choose from a wide range of excellent schools. The Sunflower State offers a wide range of highly accessible public options for Kansas students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines.

Kansas is noted for its 23 community and technical colleges. These institutions provide numerous pathways to traditional and online degree programs, as well as online certificate programs for working professionals.

Kansas also has nine public universities, the largest being the University of Kansas (KU) with over 28,000 students. The school’s main campus is located in Lawrence, Kansas, but there are four other locations where students can attend KU classes: Overland Park, Kansas City, Wichita, and Salina. This means there are plenty of options for Kansas students seeking an on-campus experience and in state tuition rates.

It should also be noted that online students attending public colleges in Kansas are also entitled to in state tuition rates.

Find college admissions consultants in your state.

Kansas is also home to 22 private higher education institutions, with tuition ranging from $7,000 to $31,000.

In addition, students can choose from one of 18 religiously affiliated schools, including Newman University, Wichita—a Catholic liberal arts university serving the state’s largest private school student population at just over 2,000.

Kansas boasts an array of affordable options for both on-campus and online learners. The average tuition for a year of college in Kansas is $9,230, which is below the national average.

Kansas awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in popular fields of study, like economics, health services administration, early childhood education, elementary education, business administration, and more. Specialized degrees include aerospace engineering at the University of Kansas and agribusiness from Kansas State University.

Students who earn degrees in the medical and health care fields may have access to loan forgiveness-based programs, such as the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program. This financial aid program awards up to $50,000, tax free, for those who serve two years at an approved site.

What are Kansas’s Colleges & Universities?

Kansas’s Best Overall

What’s the Difference between an Online MBA and Traditional MBA?

Learn more about what you can do with an online MBA.

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Best Online MBA Degree Programs in Kansas

  1. #1

    University of Kansas

    Lawrence , KS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at University of Kansas

    Cost of Degree: $11,046
    Expenses: $14,606
    Starting Salary: $92,982
    Salary after 4 years: $114,539
    Cost Recoup Time: 3 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    The School of Business at the University of Kansas has been consistently ranked among the best graduate schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The University of Kansas is an accredited member of AACSB International, ensuring that future employers will highly value graduates from the School of Business. KU offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business.

    One of the top programs in the School of Business at the University of Kansas is the online MBA degree program. It offers flexible course scheduling, academically rigorous materials, and affordable tuition. In addition to being one of the top online MBA programs for working adult students, KU’s online MBA is also best for veterans.

    The online MBA at the University of Kansas integrates a curriculum that helps students obtain competencies in analysis and management skills in contemporary, global business. Students can pursue the program part-time and study one subject at a time in intensive, eight-week sessions.

    Online MBA students have the same opportunities as their on-campus peers. They’ll be able to intern for big companies like T-Mobile, Eli Lilly, Koch Industries, and more.

    Online Master's Degrees

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Required Credits: 30-36
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
  2. #2

    Kansas State University

    Manhattan , KS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Kansas State University

    Cost of Degree: $11,253
    Expenses: $15,538
    Starting Salary: $81,379
    Salary after 4 years: $100,245
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Accredited by the AACSB, the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University has a 97% job placement rate. Thanks to its industry partner, online MBA students can access the same high-touch support found in a top MBA school. Online and on-campus students have opportunities for experiential learning at an affordable public university.

    The Professional Master of Business Administration at KSU is designed for prospective online MBA students with at least three years of work experience in the business industry. However, interested applicants who do not meet the required years of professional experience can submit high GMAT scores to be considered for admission. The program accepts applicants all year long.

    The unique feature of this online PMBA is its faculty-led international travel experience that lasts 10-14 days. This component takes students to four to five companies that often represent a substantial export of the destination nation. Online MBA students will be able to create professional networks with the C-suite executives of the companies and obtain practical knowledge on handling real-world issues.

    Online Master's Degrees

    Master of Business Administration
    • Required Credits: 30-36
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
  3. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Wichita State University

    Cost of Degree: $7,562
    Expenses: $17,260
    Starting Salary: $71,187
    Salary after 4 years: $87,691
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Fully accredited by AACSB International, the Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University provides students with unparalleled opportunities for professional development. The Barton School aims to establish the best conditions for students to develop into the business innovators of the future. The school’s online programs follow the same curriculum as their on-campus counterpart.

    The online MBA program at Barton offers comprehensive general business knowledge of accounting, economics, business law, management information systems, finance, and marketing. Students can further enhance their online MBA program by focusing on a particular MBA subject. Online concentrations in this program include:

    • Finance
    • Health Care Administration
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing

    Business Data Management and Supply Chain Management are two more concentration options for students willing to complete the MBA program in a hybrid learning format.

    Online students can also pursue Graduate Certificates in Supply Chain Management, Basic or Advanced Business Fundamentals, Business Analytics, and Human Resource Management.

    Online Master’s Degrees

    MS in Business Administration


    • Marketing
    • Required Credits: 36
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Required Credits: 36-51
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
  4. #4

    Baker University

    Baldwin City , KS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Baker University

    Cost of Degree: $12,246
    Expenses: $15,930
    Starting Salary: $81,185
    Salary after 4 years: $99,427
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    The regionally accredited Baker University offers a plethora of graduate degree programs through its School of Professional and Graduate Studies (SPGS). Programs offered by the school have been customized to provide flexible and accessible education options for working adults and non-traditional students. This is among the best schools for graduate students seeking a liberal arts education.

    The SPGS Master of Business Administration degree is an ACBSP-accredited online MBA program that is designed to help students gain credentials for higher-paying roles. The core courses in this online MBA program are focused on reinventing students to become more capable of handling 21st-century issues. Students can further customize their online MBA by choosing a concentration.


    • Data Analytics
    • Finance
    • Health care administration
    • Human resource management
    • Strategic management
    • Supply chain management and logistics
    • Transformational studies
    • Venture and innovation development

    Online Master’s Degrees

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Required Credits: 30
    • Completion time: 2 years
    • Format: Online
  5. #5

    Tabor College

    Hillsboro , KS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Tabor College

    Cost of Degree: $12,000
    Expenses: $13,310
    Starting Salary: $62,083
    Salary after 4 years: $76,032
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    HLC-accredited Tabor College’s business education national accreditation is still pending. Nevertheless, the college can still compete with nationally accredited programs through its strong course materials, student support services, and high job placement rates. Tabor College’s School of Graduate Studies offers MBA degree programs suitable for students seeking a Chritisian-integrated curriculum.

    Thanks to its accelerated format, the Online MBA program at Tabor is one of the best options for students who want to earn an MBA degree faster. The program’s curriculum integrates advanced business knowledge with biblical instruction to give graduates a solid foundation for the growth of morality, values, and character. Students can customize their online MBA by choosing a concentration that best aligns with their personal goals and interests.


    • Leadership
    • Sports Management & Leadership
    • Global Sports Leadership

    Online Master’s Degrees

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Required Credits: 36
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
  6. young business professional sitting at a desk in an office
  7. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Newman University, Wichita

    Cost of Degree: $8,484
    Expenses: $13,986
    Starting Salary: $65,357
    Salary after 4 years: $80,043
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Newman University is a Catholic school built to empower graduates to transform society. The university offers regionally accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs. NU’s School of Business and Technology offers bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs in a range of topics, including business administration, IT, and cybersecurity. While the school is primarily Catholic, it accepts students from different backgrounds.

    The online MBA program at NU offers a comprehensive curriculum designed by industry experts; it integrates theoretical and real-world business applications and practices. This online MBA program unconditionally admits students with bachelor’s degrees in fields outside of business.

    It offers a highly customizable and flexible curriculum that allows adjustment to the student’s professional and academic goals. Graduates can pursue leadership roles and positions in various industries.

    To help students align their online MBA with their goals, students can choose one of NU’s five MBA concentrations. The program’s core curriculum will vary depending on your concentration.


    • Data Analytics
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Healthcare Administration
    • Non-Profit Management
    • Leadership Concentration

    Online Master’s Degrees

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Required Credits: 30
    • Completion time: 2-3 years
    • Format: Online
  8. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Pittsburg State University

    Cost of Degree: $8,758
    Expenses: $15,440
    Starting Salary: $69,619
    Salary after 4 years: $85,759
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Pittsburg State University provides various online programs, including courses, certifications, and degrees. These programs provide students with convenience, flexibility, and instruction of the same caliber as that found in a traditional classroom.

    The Kelce College of Business is the most popular academic division in the university that offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business-related fields accredited by the AACSB.

    The Kelce online MBA program is 100% online learning, allowing students to complete assignments, tests, projects, and classes at their own pace. Online students who want to maximize the opportunities offered by Kelce and the university can participate in optional on-campus visits for hiring and networking events.

    The core courses comprise seven mandatory classes: Business, Government, and Society; Leadership and Behavioral Management; Financial Strategy; Strategic Management; Marketing Strategy; Management Control Systems; and Quantitative Business Analysis.

    Students can tailor their online MBA by choosing one of the following concentrations:

    • Accounting
    • Healthcare Administration
    • Human Resources
    • International Business
    • Marketing

    A General Online MBA is also available for students who want to focus on generalized business practices instead of a particular subject.

    • Required Credits: 30
    • Completion time: 12 months
    • Format: Online
  9. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Emporia State University

    Cost of Degree: $8,532
    Expenses: $14,658
    Starting Salary: $63,190
    Salary after 4 years: $77,840
    Cost Recoup Time: 4 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    The School of Business + Technology at Emporia State University is one of the best AACSB-accredited schools of business, integrating a curriculum that crosses business and technology topics. Most students enrolled at ESU are online learners due to its affordability. While the online delivery format is more prevalent in the school, ESU still provides various experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, cooperative learning opportunities, and research projects.

    On top of being affordable, the Online MBA program at the School of Business + Technology offers various financial aid opportunities to its online learners. In-state and out-of-state students pay the same amount of tuition. The program’s comprehensive curriculum emphasizes case study-based education, allowing MBA students to apply what they learn to the industry immediately.

    Through core courses, students will develop abilities in customizing effective business management techniques for different industries. Students can pursue optional elective courses to customize their online MBA. They can enroll in Law of Commerce, Information Technology Project Management, or Business Analytics.

    • Required Credits: 33
    • Completion time: 12 months
    • Format: Online
  10. #9

    University of Saint Mary

    Leavenworth , KS

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at University of Saint Mary

    Cost of Degree: $11,232
    Expenses: $13,860
    Starting Salary: $57,989
    Salary after 4 years: $71,019
    Cost Recoup Time: 5 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    The University of Saint Mary is one of the top Catholic institutions in the United States. As a private liberal arts college, students should expect an expensive higher education. USM should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an online college that emphasizes close student-teacher interaction and individualized learning.

    The Online MBA program at the University of Saint Mary is an IACBE-accredited degree taught accelerated in eight-week sessions. An online student is not required to step on campus, thanks to its 100% online learning format. Nevertheless, USM’s online MBA program can still provide students with competitive experiential learning opportunities through its connection with industry professionals and small and large-scale companies.

    Students can customize their USM online MBA by choosing a concentration and pursuing graduate certificates. These opportunities allow online learners to gain more competency in a field of their choosing.


    • Accounting
    • Business Analytics
    • Finance
    • General Management
    • Health Care Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing and Advertising Management
    • Leadership and Organizational Health

    Required Credits: 33

    Completion time: 24 months

    Format: Online

  11. #10

    Ottawa University

    Ottawa , KS
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    Career Outlook for MBA degree at Ottawa University

    Cost of Degree: $10,307
    Expenses: $16,774
    Starting Salary: $65,630
    Salary after 4 years: $80,377
    Cost Recoup Time: 5 years
    Paid back at 15% of annual salary

    Ottawa University is one of the pioneers of online education and a top institution for student success, offering smaller class sizes and customizable online course schedules. With various benefits that lower your tuition costs, Ottawa’s online tuition is competitive with other private universities nationwide, frequently making it more inexpensive than other online universities.

    Ottawa’s Angell Snyder School of Business offers an ACBSP-accredited online MBA program with online asynchronous and optional in-person classes. The curriculum focuses on developing student’s advanced business knowledge and personal ethics to become great business leaders in the future.

    Students can pursue a fast-track option to earn their online MBA degree faster or go at a slower pace to give more time to their busy professional and personal lives. Graduates can pursue positions in non-profit organizations, academia, the public, and the corporate sectors.

    Students can tailor their online MBA degree with the help of Ottawa’s academic advisors. Online learners will have a one-on-one session with an advisor in choosing a concentration.


    • Accounting
    • Business Data Analytics
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Leadership Development
    • Population Health/Health Care
    • School Business Operations
    • Strategic Innovation

    Required Credits: 36

    Completion time: 12-24 months

    Format: Online

Career Outlook for Students with MBA Degree

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Business Administration And Management

Degree Level: Master's

  • Location: Kansas (Private Schools)
  • Avg. Cost of Degree*: $9,188
  • Avg. Expenses*: $15,090
  • Avg. Starting Salary*: $68,997
  • Avg. Salary after 4 Years*: $76,470
  • Avg. Cost Recoup Time**: 4 years
  • Job Growth: 4.86%
  • Number of Jobs: 11,888,900
  • * denotes ‘annually’
  • ** denotes ‘at 15% of annual salary’

Career Salaries

CareerJob GrowthAvg. Salary
Sales Managers4.06%$133,360
Computer and Information Systems Managers15.41%$133,290
Chief Executives-8.21%$131,460
Purchasing Managers4.39%$128,790
Compensation and Benefits Managers1.71%$126,230

Average Career Salaries

Bottom 10%MedianTop 10%

Promising Job Markets

StateCost of LivingAvg. Salary
#18 Kansas9% higher than average$88,261
#2 New York5% higher than average$116,372
#3 Virginia5% higher than average$104,589
#4 Michigan15% higher than average$90,047
#5 Georgia13% higher than average$90,306
#6 Illinois7% higher than average$96,596

Top Industries

IndustryAvg. Salary
Sales Managers$133,360
Computer and Information Systems Managers$133,290
Chief Executives$131,460

Kansas has a number of great MBA programs, but if you want to explore some of the online MBA programs in one of the other states near you, consider one of the best online MBA degrees in Oklahoma, Iowa, or Missouri. An online education can be a great option no matter your state of residence.

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Career and Salary Outlook for Online MBA Graduates in Kansas

There are many opportunities available for graduates with an online MBA in Kansas. According to the Kansas Commerce, the top industries in the state are

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Corporate & Professional Services
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Animal Health
  • Bioscience
  • Agriculture
  • Energy & Natural Resources

You can find many employment opportunities since all of the industries above require the expertise of business majors in running and expanding the sector.

Specific MBA salary varies from factors such as location, level of experience, and sector. However, the average annual salary of employed online MBA holders in Kansas is $112,416.

While this figure is lower than the national average of $137,407, you can still accumulate ROI more quickly if you apply to high-paying positions. Top MBA earners in Kansas earn as high as $192,799. Nevertheless, Kansas provides financial security and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Popular Online MBA Program Concentrations in Kansas

Popular online MBA majors in Kansas are defined by the state’s most thriving economic sectors (which were mentioned above). The most popular and valuable concentrations for an online MBA program in Kansas include:


This online MBA program concentration emphasizes leadership and organizational management skills. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for roles in executive leadership, general management, and strategic planning in various fields, perhaps all fields.


Students interested in accounting, auditing, tax planning, or financial management positions should consider including an accounting emphasis in their online MBA program. It covers sophisticated accounting concepts and procedures.


Investment management, financial analysis, risk evaluation, and corporate finance are just a few subjects covered in the finance specialization. This online MBA program concentration can significantly benefit individuals interested in professions in Kansas’s corporate and professional services.


A marketing concentration in an online MBA program strongly emphasizes market research, customer behavior, and digital marketing. Careers in brand management, advertising, or marketing analytics are popular for recent graduates.

International Business

Students interested in international trade, cross-cultural management, and worldwide company operations should consider an international business concentration in their online MBA program. It trains people for positions in multinational corporations and global organizations. This online MBA concentration can help you apply for Kansas companies expanding their products and services globally.

General Business

A general business specialization in an online MBA program is appropriate for those seeking a well-rounded business education because it provides a comprehensive overview of numerous business disciplines.

Supply Chain

Logistics, operations, procurement, and supply chain optimization are the main areas of study in a supply chain management concentration in an online MBA program. Graduates are qualified for positions in logistics and supply chain management.

Data Analytics

Students who pursue this emphasis in their online MBA program learn how to gather, examine, and understand data to make rational business decisions. For individuals considering data-driven positions across many industries, this concentration is especially helpful.


The study of economic theory, quantitative analysis, and economic policy are included in an economics focus in an online MBA program. It may benefit careers in economic research, public policy, or economic consulting.

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Top Employers in Kansas of Graduates with an Online MBA

Numerous well-known businesses and organizations in Kansas could be appealing employment for MBA graduates. Although Kansas has fewer Fortune 500 businesses than some other states, there are still plenty of job prospects for graduates of online MBA programs across various industries.

Undoubtedly, talented graduates of online MBA programs can find employment in all industries, but the following employers hire more Kansas residents than any other in the state.

Sprint Corporation (now part of T-Mobile US)

Despite having its corporate offices in Overland Park, Kansas, Sprint is a subsidiary of T-Mobile US following a merger. Opportunities are available at this telecom corporation in areas like marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

Spirit AeroSystems

A major aerospace firm, Spirit AeroSystems, is based in Wichita, Kansas. Supply chain, finance, and operations management opportunities are available to graduates of online MBA programs.

Cerner Corporation

Leading healthcare technology firm Cerner is headquartered near the Kansas state line in North Kansas City, Missouri. Project management, strategic consulting, and healthcare IT are possible career paths for MBA graduates.

Koch Industries

One of the biggest privately held businesses in the United States is Koch Industries, headquartered in Wichita. They work in various sectors, including manufacturing, chemicals, and energy. Jobs in operations, strategy, and finance are available to MBA graduates.


Dillons is a regional supermarket chain headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas. This company offers a variety of products, including groceries, fresh produce, deli items, bakery goods, pharmacy services, and general merchandise. MBA graduates can apply for various roles in management, operations, and strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online MBA Programs in Kansas

What is an online MBA?

MBA degrees are the most popular advanced degree in American higher education. This versatile degree offers a variety of specializations that can help working professionals build leadership skills, expand their network, and enhance their overall business knowledge. MBA degrees are excellent options for anyone needing business fundamentals covered while having the chance to study more in a selected concentration. An MBA in Marketing is different than a MS in Marketing because the MBA degree doesn’t assume previous business education, whereas the MS program likely would.

Do Online MBA Programs Require the GMAT?

Go to Online MBA programs with no GMAT requirements

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computer-responsive test designed to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and English reading skills used by graduate management programs, such as MBA programs, to assist with admissions selections.

The GMAT is still required by many graduate schools of all shapes and sizes—elite research universities, public universities, liberal arts colleges, online colleges, etc. There’s no real common denominator for which types of schools require the GMAT or don’t.

If you are considering a graduate business school that requires the GMAT, then you certainly want to do well on the exam. Even if schools you’re considering don’t require it, you may want to take the test because a high score could still help your application and because there may be another college that suddenly interests you, and it might require successful completion of the GMAT.

If you’re going to take the test, at minimum, you’ll want to study with solid guidance provided by quality resources. People have many different opinions about which GMAT test prep resources are the best. Therefore, we recommend that you start looking at and comparing the best-selling GMAT test guides.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are aspiring to be admitted into an elite university’s program, you may want to work with a graduate or business school admissions expert. An admissions consultant can give you the most customized information about your prospects, and many will work with you on whatever specific need you might have – test prep, applications, personal essays, and even help with finding meaningful internships.

There is a growing number of high-quality MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT. Furthermore, there are a lot of highly reputable colleges and universities offering online MBA programs that do not require the GMAT. If standardized testing isn’t a strength of yours, you may want to move your search to focus specifically on online MBA programs with no GMAT requirements.

What are the admission requirements for online MBA programs in Kansas?

Program-specific admission requirements for online programs vary from school to school. However, the following are the most common admission requirements prestigious MBA programs require from their applicants:

Bachelor’s Degree

Most online MBA degree programs require applicants to earn an undergraduate business degree from an accredited institution. Some programs accept students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds, while others strictly require applicants to possess a bachelor’s degree in business or closely related fields, such as management, marketing, finance, and accounting.

Work Experience

Prestigious MBAs with demanding admissions processes generally require MBA applicants to have at least one year of relevant work experience. This requirement ensures the school that the MBA student can easily catch up with their rigorous MBA curriculum.


Applicants must submit official transcripts demonstrating a strong academic record from all previously attended colleges or universities.

Standardized Tests

Business schools required GRE and GMAT scores before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, due to restrictions, these exams were waived by most universities. GRE and GMAT scores are now often optional and are only used to compensate for students’ lack of other requirements, such as low undergraduate GPA or not meeting the required years of work experience.

Letters of Recommendation

This requirement allows the admissions officer to know you better from other people’s perspectives. It attests to your credentials, abilities, and skills, which is highly helpful in determining your suitability for the MBA program.

Statement of Purpose or Essay

Applicants are often asked to provide a statement explaining their career goals.

Resume or CV

These requirements detail your work experience, educational background, and relevant achievements. This provides admissions officer insights into the level of your expertise.


Some programs may require or offer optional interviews as part of the application process. Some online MBA degree programs may require you to complete the interview in person, over the phone, or via video conference.

Application Fee

MBA applicants are usually required to pay an application fee, which can vary in amount.


For international applicants or non-native English speakers, an English proficiency test may be required to demonstrate language proficiency.

Prerequisite Courses

Some MBA programs may require applicants to complete specific prerequisite courses in accounting, economics, or statistics before beginning the online MBA program.

How long does it take to get an online MBA in Kansas?

Typically, online MBA degrees can be earned in about two years. However, specializations range from healthcare management to entrepreneurship to international business. Because an online MBA offers so many educational paths, program requirements can vary greatly, from 30 to 60 credits, which means this degree may take anywhere between two and four years to complete.

What are the courses like in a Kansas online MBA program?

MBA courses are available both online and on campus, and many programs require a thesis or professional experience component. Students will study topics like corporate law, organizational behavior, and negotiations.

Most online MBA programs will be asynchronous for maximum flexibility. This means students watch lectures and read when they can and likely join web forums for class discussions. While online MBA courses can be “self-paced,” there usually are still mid-term and end-of-term deadlines. Typical online MBA courses will have multiple deadlines throughout the semester for various assignments.

What can you do with a Kansas online MBA?

MBA graduates can advance to leadership roles in accounting, finance, human resources, organizational administration, and more. Online MBA programs are popular because of their versatility. With so many choices of concentrations, your online MBA can prepare you for leadership or executive roles in virtually any industry.

Is MBA accreditation in Kansas important?

The most prestigious accreditation an American higher education institution obtains is regional accreditation. However, within business education, accreditation from national organizations is as crucial as the university’s regional accreditation. Business schools with national accreditation offer better opportunities than non-accredited business degree programs.

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)

AACSB-accredited institutions have positioned themselves as research-focused organizations. On the other hand, ACBSP and IACBE-accredited institutions emphasized teaching excellence and outcomes-based evaluation. The AACSB accreditation is highly coveted and is awarded to less than 5% of business schools worldwide.

Nationally accredited business schools are often called “feeder schools” or “core schools.” They offer extensive alumni networks and more financial aid opportunities. Some employers might even cover half your tuition fee if you get into AACSB-accredited MBA programs.

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Online Degree Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time taking an online course, the experience may require some adjustment. While you’ll generally learn the same content and take the same exams as your on-campus peers, the medium will likely require you to manage much of this experience independently. You’ll be accountable for your own time management, your ability to harness the technology at your fingertips, and your ability to focus on the lectures, lessons, and assignments at hand. This means you’ll need to create a suitable workspace for yourself, maintain a realistic schedule, and take it upon yourself to build relationships with your instructors and classmates. With online college, your goal is to find a balance between independence and engagement.

No. The only part of online education that’s easier is actually getting there. Taking the commute out of the equation means getting to class should be a lot more manageable. But that’s where it ends. In general, your online courses will incorporate the very same materials, concepts, and testing methods as would a traditional classroom.

And in many cases, you’ll even have the same instructors as your on-campus counterparts. In fact, if you are adjusting to the experience of independent learning or working with remote learning technology for the first time, online college may even be a little more challenging for you. For a few insights on how to manage this new experience, check out our 10 Tips for Adjusting to School Online.

Accreditation is especially important when it comes to online college. This is because the online education landscape is a mix of highly-reputable institutions and less-than-reputable for-profit schools. Accreditation gives you the power to differentiate between the two. Accreditation is a stamp of approval from an independent accrediting agency which indicates that a college or university is meeting standards of quality, credibility, and currency. School-wide accreditation falls into two major categories: regional and national accreditation. Regional accreditors generally hold jurisdiction only over schools in the states comprising their region, whereas national accreditors hold jurisdiction over schools in all states. Regional accreditation is widely regarded as a more rigorous standard of quality and credibility than national accreditation.

Attending a college or university which is not regionally accredited could limit your opportunities. When seeking an online education, we strongly recommend that students opt for regionally accredited schools. Regional accreditation ensures eligibility for federal loans and grants, ensures your college credits can be transferred between schools, and ensures that your degree credits can be accepted if you wish to earn an advanced degree.

As long as your online college degree is regionally accredited, you should have little difficulty transferring most of your credits or credentials to another regionally accredited undergraduate school. Every school carries its own standards and procedures for granting a transfer. In many cases, you will be required to navigate a bureaucracy in which some of your credits will be transferred and others will be jettisoned. However, provided that you have attended an online school with the proper regional accreditation, you should have plenty of options for transfer.

In most cases, as long you graduate from a well-regarded, regionally-accredited online college, prospective employers won’t look sideways at your degree. In fact, unless you attend an exclusively online college or university, there will likely be no specific indicator on your degree, transcript or resume differentiating your school from its brick-and-mortar counterpart. This means that your employer will likely only differentiate between an online and in-person degree if you mention this distinction.

While some employers may express concern about making the adjustment from online education to in-person workplace collaboration, many other employers will view your online degree as evidence of valuable 21st Century professional skills such as independence, self-motivation, time management, and tech savvy.

If you are a student who thrives on the dynamic energy of in-person discussion, who requires the physical surroundings of a classroom to feel engaged, or who considers the social aspects of education to be of equal importance to the actual content of your courses, online education will require some adjustment.

While there is much that can be supplanted or simulated through the online medium, some students may find that there is nothing which can replace the conversation, collaboration, and motivation that occur in an actual classroom setting. As you make the adjustment to online education, one of the biggest challenges you will likely face is overcoming this difference in order to the get the most out of your classes. Fortunately, we’ve got some great Tips for Online Education Beginners.

The advantages of online classes are many. First and foremost, online courses give you the freedom and flexibility to attend class from anywhere that works for you, whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop, or in a quiet conference room at work. In many cases, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of asynchronous learning opportunities-educational experiences that you can complete on your own schedule. This may include pre-taped lectures, ongoing chat-board discussions, and 24/7 access to digital materials. And of course, just as there are some learners who prefer the energy of a live classroom, there are those who learn best when working in their own personal space, free from distractions. If this sounds like you, you might find the solitude of online learning to be a major advantage.

Resources for Prospective Grad Students

Whether you’re just getting started on your college search, you’re looking for survival tips on your way to a bachelor’s degree, or you’re preparing for the transition into grad school, we’ve got guides, how to’s and tons of other valuable resources to keep you moving forward in your educational journey.

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