Best Colleges in North Dakota 2023

Best Colleges in North Dakota 2023

Here are the best colleges and universities in North Dakota. Our list will help you find the right kind of school for you.

Best Colleges in North Dakota

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Colleges and Universities in North Dakota

The majority of the higher learning institutes in North Dakota are public schools and almost all of the schools could be considered small schools, serving less than 5,000 students. The state’s two largest schools, however, the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and North Dakota State University in Fargo, each have a student population around 12,000 students. Tuition at both of these schools comes in just below the national average at $9,000.

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At UND and NDSU, students can study fields such as engineering, chemistry, law, and education. Additionally, students can attend one of the state’s five private schools, three of which have religious affiliations. Students who attend these schools can pursue degrees in fields like nursing, religious studies, education, and earth sciences. North Dakota also offers a private tribal college, United Tribes Technical College, located in the state’s capital, Bismarck, where students can expect to pay around $4,000 in tuition fees.

As the country’s number one producer of honey and sunflowers, and home to part of the international Peace Garden, North Dakota’s landscape is a thing of natural beauty. This magnificent state also has its fair share of one-of-a-kind attractions, including the Badlands Dinosaur Museum, which features world-class minerals and fossils, and the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Heritage Center, which gives an inside look at this Native American tribe’s unique culture and traditions. The state also boasts 19 colleges and universities for students hoping to earn a higher education degree.

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What are North Dakota’s Colleges & Universities?

North Dakota’s Best Overall

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We’ve identified 9 colleges and universities in North Dakota that meet our criteria. This list of the top colleges in North Dakota below focuses on schools that offer bachelor’s degrees. The ranking features fully accredited public and private colleges and universities in North Dakota.

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Best Colleges in North Dakota 2022

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North Dakota’s Best Colleges in Your Area of Interest

2021 Ranking Archive

Many of our 2022 undergraduate focused rankings look considerably different than 2021. That’s because we took a fundamentally different apporach. For 2021 we utilized our Concentrated Influence algorithm, designed to take away the size advantage larger schools have when we rank their faculty and alumni’s academic influence. Concentrated influence highlights smaller schools that are proportionally as successful as larger universities at cultivating influential alumni and faculty.

  1. University of North Dakota
  2. University of Jamestown
  3. North Dakota State University
  4. Bismarck State College
  5. Dickinson State University
  6. Minot State University
  7. University of Mary
  8. Mayville State University
  9. Valley City State University