Georgetown University
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Georgetown University

Private university in Washington, D.C., United States

By James Barham, PhD

Georgetown University is a Catholic institution of higher learning that was founded in 1789 by John Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore.

Carroll was the first Catholic bishop in what is now the United States, and cousin of Charles Carroll, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Since 1805, Georgetown has been strongly associated with the Jesuit order. However, the governance of the school has always been independent of the Catholic Church. Today, the majority of Georgetown students are not Catholic.

Georgetown was a relatively small, religious-training college until after the Civil War. In the 1870s, Patrick Francis Healey, a Jesuit priest with Irish and African ancestry, undertook a major expansion and reform of the university on the model of the modern, secular, German research university. Healey’s tenure is sometimes referred to as Georgetown’s “second founding.”

Today, Georgetown is one of the largest Catholic institutions of higher learning in the US, with a student body of about 19,000.

Georgetown has produced many famous individuals in American and international media and public life, including:

  • King of Jordan, Abdullah II
  • Former President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
  • Former President of the US, Bill Clinton
  • Current President of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez
  • Current US Senator, Dick Durbin
  • King of Spain, Felipe VI
  • Former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri
  • Current US Representative, Steny Hoyer
  • Current US Representative, Hakeem Jeffries
  • TV journalist, David Muir
  • Current US Senator, Lisa Murkowski
  • TV journalist, Norah O’Donnell
  • Former US Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia
  • Journalist, Maria Shriver
  • TV journalist and political commentator, Greta Van Susteren

Among other distinguished Georgetown-associated individuals, we may note:

  • Mathematician, Michael Banchoff
  • Actor, Eileen Brennan
  • Actor, Bradley Cooper
  • Biophysicist, Karen Fleming
  • TV personality, Savannah Guthrie
  • Philosopher, Rom Harré
  • Actor, TV producer, Nick Kroll
  • Actor, screenwriter, Brit Marling
  • Former US foreign service officer, current Georgetown Professor of International Affairs, John Negroponte
  • Comedian, screenwriter, film director, Carl Reiner
  • Neuroscientist, Solomon Snyder
  • CFO of Facebook, David Wehner


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What is Georgetown University known for?

Our answer to this is to show you the disciplines in which a school's faculty and alumni have had the highest historical influence. A school may be influential in a discipline even if they do not offer degrees in that area. We've organized two lists to show where they are influential and offer corresponding degrees, and where they are influential through scholarship although they don't offer degrees in the disciplines.

Top areas of influence with degrees offered

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Political Science
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#24 World Rank #20 USA Rank
#56 World Rank #22 USA Rank
Religious Studies
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#46 World Rank #27 USA Rank
#42 World Rank #28 USA Rank
#36 World Rank #30 USA Rank
Criminal Justice
#83 World Rank #45 USA Rank
#154 World Rank #57 USA Rank
#140 World Rank #84 USA Rank
#185 World Rank #91 USA Rank
#281 World Rank #117 USA Rank
#267 World Rank #121 USA Rank
#302 World Rank #134 USA Rank
Computer Science
#449 World Rank #173 USA Rank
#682 World Rank #205 USA Rank
#609 World Rank #253 USA Rank

Other areas of influence

#139 World Rank #99 USA Rank
Social Work
#541 World Rank #203 USA Rank

Influential People

Who are Georgetown University's Most influential alumni?

Georgetown University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Nursing, Law, and Political Science. Georgetown University’s most academically influential people include Susan Hockfield, Allen Tate, and James Hillman.

Susan Hockfield
Susan Hockfield

American neuroscientist

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Allen Tate
Allen Tate

American poet, essayist and social commentator

view profile
James Hillman

American psychologist

view profile
Maria Shriver
Maria Shriver

Journalist and author from the United States

view profile
Steven Novella
Steven Novella

American neurologist, skepticist

view profile
Vera Rubin
Vera Rubin

American astronomer and physicist

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Edward Douglass White
Edward Douglass White

American politician, lawyer and judge

view profile
George Coyne
George Coyne

American astronomer

view profile
Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.
Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.

United States Marine Corps General

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Greta Van Susteren
Greta Van Susteren

American commentator, television personality, and lawyer

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William Peter Blatty
William Peter Blatty

American writer and filmmaker

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Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

American lawyer, investment advisor, and second son of former Vice President Joe Biden

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