Research Universities By State

Research Universities By State

A research university is a great option for students interested in obtaining degrees in science, technology, and mathematics fields. The best research universities offer access to cutting-edge technologies, state of the art facilities and influential professors.

Key Takeaways

  • Research universities are a great option for undergraduate and graduate students in the science, math and technology field.

  • It may be possible to save money by attending a public research university in your state, where you may be eligible for in state tuition discounts.

  • Students who attend research universities in state may have more direct access to local internships, career opportunities, and professional connections.

The top research universities give students a chance to work closely with leading experts in their fields while choosing from a wide range of well-funded degree programs and research opportunities.

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What is a research university?

A research university is any university that invests heavily in research, and which consequently provides meaningful and extensive opportunities for its students and faculty to participate in research. The best research universities are classified into different tiers based on their quantifiable commitment to research activities. This tiered ranking is called the Carnegie Classification. This is where terms like “R1 university” and “tier one university” come from.

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The Rising Costs of College Tuition

The cost of college has more than doubled since the start of the 21st Century, with the average cost of annual tuition topping $35,000 per year. It’s never been more important to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment in a college degree. Make sure you start by considering research university options in your state.

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In-State Versus Out-of-State Tuition

Earning a degree at a research university in your state is a great way to save money on tuition. The best public research universities will offer deep tuition discounts to in state students. Earning a degree from a research university in your state may also help you make connections, land internships and even begin your career close to home.

Find the Best Research Universities By State

Find the best research university in your state to get in state tuition discounts and a college experience close to home.

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