Complete List of Colleges and Universities by State

Key Takeaways

  • Some states excel in offering certain types of higher education, whether through specialized offerings or greater affordability

  • For prospective students looking for the best fit, searching for schools and programs by state is a great place to start

  • You can explore our rankings of great options in each state organized by the type of ranking

In our affordability by state rankings, you’ll find reputable colleges that offer fully accredited degree programs at a reasonable price. When exploring these programs, you might be surprised by how many great schools offer competitively priced tuition.

Community colleges offer students affordable, career-oriented degree programs designed to jump start your career. And given their convenient locations in each state, they make great options working students and busy adults.

Graduate school represents a staggering investment of time, effort, and money. As such, students will want to take special care to find a graduate program that best matches their personal interests and professional aspirations.

Liberal arts colleges offer students interdisciplinary education that emphasizes theoretical and philosophical components of curriculum. Some states offer far more liberal arts colleges than other states. You can explore these rankings to find which state offers the best options for you.

Despite the tacit flexibility to earn an online degree from anywhere, many colleges offer more flexible online programs than others. For instance, some online programs offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students. You’ll also find rankings of online MBAs by state and online cybersecurity degrees by state.

Many students prefer the bustling environment of public colleges and universities. With these rankings, you can explore each state’s offerings.

If large public universities are not your thing, you may prefer the smaller and more intimate learning environment of a private college or university. These rankings compile the private colleges and universities in each state.

The most prestigious research universities provide unparalleled opportunities to study at the forefront of your chosen field. But because research trends are largely regional, you’ll be best served by exploring what each state has to offer.

If you thrive in smaller, close-knit groups then you may wish to pursue enrollment in a small college. Explore our rankings of small colleges in each state to find great opportunities in your state.

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