Guide to Graduate School

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Graduate student life is filled with challenges. Whether you are attending graduate school online or in person, this is a major step in your higher education.

Graduate school is designed to prepare you for top research and leadership opportunities in your field and is therefore quite rigorous. From the selection and admission processes to your coursework and thesis project, earning your advanced degree will require focus, hard work, and a genuine passion for your area of study.

Read on for all sorts of valuable grad life tips and advice as you advance in your educational journey.

If you’re still searching for the right grad school, start with a look at our Guide to Grad School Degrees.

Or you can take a look at the very best grad schools in the U.S.

Applying to Grad Schools

Get valuable tips and insights as you prepare for the grad school application process. For a comprehensive look at this process, check out our full guide to applying for grad schools. Or read on for helpful tips as you choose the right degree program for you.

Tips for Prospective Graduate Students

So you’ve decided to go to graduate school. But how do you choose the program that’s right for you?

There are plenty of factors to consider. Are you seeking an online experience or will you be taking advantage of on-campus housing? If you plan to commute, are there metro stations and other forms of public transportation close to your university?

And if you do choose to attend on campus, what type of academic community do you prefer? Are you seeking a school located in a city, a state school with a commitment to diversity, or simply an affordable program with classes that match your interests?

Read on for all kinds of helpful advice as you choose the right grad school program for you.

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Grad School Consulting

If you have decided to make the leap into a specialized graduate degree program, you should be prepared for a fierce level of admissions competition. Top graduate schools in areas like business, law, and medicine attract elite students from all over the world.

Finding an admissions consultant with a focus on your discipline could help you gain an edge on the competition. If you’re considering a consultant, you can check out our rankings and contact some of the best in the business.

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Online Master’s Degrees

More graduate students than ever before are pursuing their master’s degree online. But student life as a remote learner can require some adjustment. Fortunately, we offer tons of advice to help ease your transition and support your success in grad school.

Read on and find out everything you need to know before beginning your pursuit of a graduate degree online.

Otherwise, for a comprehensive look at your online master’s degree options, check out our full list here.

Choosing Your Online Grad School

Before choosing the right online grad school, make sure you know what to look for!

Best Online Master’s Degree Programs

Master’s degrees are often designed for students with one foot in their education and the other in their profession. But this requires a tremendous balancing act.

Online graduate degrees offer convenience, flexibility, and accessibility for working professionals. That is why so many excellent, fully-accredited graduate schools offer online advanced degrees in a large and growing cross-section of disciplines.

Read on for a sampling of the best online master’s degree programs in these popular areas of study:

For a comprehensive look at the Best Online Master’s Degree Programs by state or discipline, check out our Complete List of Online Master’s Degree Programs.

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Online MBAs

The online MBA is the most popular advanced degree. This is because of its value and versatility. You can get started on your search for the right online MBA by checking out the best programs in each state.

Or you can check out our tips for finding the best online MBA program.

Tips for Choosing an Online MBA

Best Online MBA Programs

You can start your search with a look at the very best programs available. Earning your MBA at one of the top business schools in the world can qualify you for some of the most prestigious and best-paying leadership roles in any business sector. Check out a few more top options below:

The Best Online MBA By Discipline

One reason the MBA is so popular is its incredible versatility. There are numerous concentrations within the business administration discipline. You can narrow the focus of your master’s degree program by choosing an area of specialization that matches your interests and career goals.

And because so many MBA candidates are already working directly in their field, many of these MBA concentrations are available through various convenient, flexible, and accessible online formats.

See our complete guide to MBAs for everything you need to know about MBA degree programs.

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Online Doctorates and PhDs

A growing number of accredited doctorate degree programs are now available online. In fact, because most doctoral candidates are working adults, many doctorate and PhD programs are now designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of working adults.

Best Online Doctoral Degree Programs

Start your search for an online doctorate degree or PhD with a look at some of the best and most flexible options.

Best Online Doctorates by Discipline

Fully accredited online doctoral degree programs are available in some areas of specialization. In many cases, you may be required to fulfill certain in-person components such as a practicum, field work, or residency. However, a number of programs offer fully online access to class discussions, lecture periods, and office hours. The following are the best online doctorate degrees in a growing array of specializations.

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