Best Online MBA Degree Programs No GRE Required Ranked for 2023


Are you interested in an MBA, but would like to avoid taking the GRE? We rank the best online MBA programs that don’t require the GRE

Key Takeaways

  • A growing number of top online MBA programs are making test scores optional.

  • Many business schools have test optional policies for GRE and GMAT scores.

  • It may be possible to get into some of the best online MBA programs with test waivers and alternative credentials.

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Getting into business school has historically required either a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score or a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score. Some school of business programs still require GRE or GMAT scores.

However, more online MBA programs than ever before are waiving requirements for test scores. In fact, you can earn an online MBA from a top-ranked college of business without the cost and hassle of standardized test scores.

Some online MBA programs accept GRE scores or GMAT scores interchangeably. To learn more, jump to our ranking of the best no GMAT Online MBA Programs.

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Or, if you are a prospective graduate student seeking a business education and looking for ways to bypass GRE testing requirements, read on.

About Online MBA Degree Programs With No GMAT or GRE Requirements

In most cases, the master of business administration with no GRE or GMAT required will be identical in curriculum to the traditional MBA program. Likewise, online MBA students will typically study the same topics as brick-and-mortar business students, including supply chain management, business analytics, and project management.

Many online master of business programs have employed a test-optional policy for years. This test optional policy may work one of several ways:

  • Your school of business may not require any standardized test scores.
  • Your school of business may accept alternative credentials such as three years of applied experience or demonstrated leadership skills in the business world.
  • Some online MBA programs will waive testing requirements for students with excellent undergraduate GPAs.
  • Prospective students may be able to have testing requirements waived by demonstrating past academic and professional accomplishments.
  • Prospective business students may be able to apply for waivers for extenuating circumstances such as medical needs.

It’s also noteworthy that, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business schools have adopted a temporary test optional policy, or have provided a larger number of test waivers than in past academic calendar years.

While some of these temporary test optional policies remain, online MBA applicants should pay close attention to any changes in policy.

Admission Requirements for a Online MBA

These are the admission requirements common to schools offering the online MBA with no GRE required:

  • A completed online application
  • An accredited bachelor’s degree
  • Official college transcripts
  • A cumulative college GPA of 3.0 - 3.5
  • Personal statement or essay
  • Reference Letters
  • Professional Resume or CV

Key Point: Admission requirements may differ for international students. In addition, international students may wish to look for schools with recognition from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Learn more about online MBA admission requirements.

What Prospective Business Students Should Know Before Applying Without Test Scores

Most of the differences between traditional and test-optional programs can be found in the admission requirements.

While you may be able to apply to a business graduate school without submitting GRE scores, many test optional online MBA programs invite students to submit test scores if they might strengthen the applicant’s case for admission. Online students with stronger testing abilities may be encouraged to submit GRE or GMAT scores as a way of improving chances for admission.

Another way that prospective students can improve their chances of admission into a test optional MBA program is to include other materials or information in place of test scores.

For instance, the GRE is meant to help admissions officers evaluate quantitative abilities. Applicants may be able to submit other documentation to demonstrate these abilities.

Therefore, business professionals may be able to present certain certifications in place of test scores. A certification in financial accounting or enterprise resource planning could strengthen an applicant’s case for admission in place of GRE scores.

Business school candidates may also be able to present graduate level credits in relevant courses and programs as evidence of quantitative competencies. For instance, completing introductory business education courses in a top online MBA program could strengthen your case for admission in place of test scores.

Other factors may also be taken into account such as:

  • Relevant Military Service
  • Special Industry Recognition
  • Ongoing Field Experience
  • Additional Relevant Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Find out how you can strengthen your case by completing free MBA courses at some of the best business schools in the world.

Curriculum and Courses

Schools offering the online MBA have different courses, although there are similarities in programs. There are typically core online MBA courses emphasizing essential business knowledge alongside electives in your chosen areas of specialization and an individualized capstone project.

The typical courses offered in the online MBA program include:

  • International Business Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Global Business Ethics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership Theory

Key Point: Just like traditional online MBA programs, test-optional online MBAs will cover topics such as human resource management, supply chain management, and managerial accounting.

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Careers for Online MBA Degree Holders

MBA graduates with the online MBA have the credentials to qualify for an infinite array of business careers, including:

  • Information Technology Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Computer and Information Systems Management
  • Administrative Services and Facilities Management
  • Executive Leadership

Key Points: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for top executives are projected to grow by 6% from 2021 to 2031.

The picture is even brighter for those who use their graduate degree to pursue careers as administrative services and facilities managers. Jobs for these positions are expected to grow by 7% from 2021 to 2031.

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Factors for Choosing the Best MBA Online Programs with No GRE Required

If you aspire to a career in business leadership, you must be sure that you can tackle the challenges of an accredited online MBA program. Graduate students seeking an online MBA with no GRE required must consider important factors like quality, credibility, and reputation.

Here are the factors that you need to consider when choosing a school that offers the online MBA degree with no GRE scores:

  • Accreditation: Accreditation is vital. It signifies that the school’s education is in compliance with the standards of the Department of Education and the accrediting body. A school must also be accredited in order to offer federal financial aid to its students. This is especially important when looking for a test-optional business school.
  • In addition to institutional accreditation, be sure your test-optional online MBA is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This national board provides programmatic accreditation, which is an important mark of credibility for the master’s of business administration degree.

  • Cost: Cost is an inherent element of every educational pursuit. But since cost differs from one school to another, you must ensure that the online school you choose is affordable while still providing a quality education.
  • Financing Options: Accredited colleges and universities will offer financial aid options including grants, scholarships, and loans for students who qualify. Some will also offer work-study programs.
  • Course Delivery: Online education courses are delivered in three different ways: synchronous (live online classes), asynchronous (classes that can be attended anytime), and blended or hybrid (a mix of both synchronous and asynchronous). Choose a school that offers the type that suits your schedule.
  • Academic Support: Academic support is a valuable element of distance learning. Give due credit to schools that provide students with online resources such as references and tutorials. You will need these to gain a deeper understanding of your lessons.

Learn how to find accredited online MBA programs.

How We Ranked the Best Online MBA Degrees with No GRE Required

The following online MBA programs offer a variety of test-free, test-optional, and case-by-case test-waiver policies, and earned the best Influence Ranking score among test-optional graduate degree programs according to our scoring algorithm.

Median Salaries of Similar Careers in the U.S.

The following graph depicts the average salaries of similar occupations to Accountants and Auditors in the U.S.


Annual Salary
70050Property Appraisers and Assessors
83980Accountants and Auditors
84240Budget Analysts
88030Credit Analysts
103020Financial and Investment Analysts
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The 10 Best Online MBA Degree Programs With No GRE Requirement

  1. #1

    University of Michigan

    Ann Arbor , MI
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about the University of Michigan?

    University of Michigan was founded in 1817, which is actually about 20 years before the territory of Michigan became a state. Roughly half of the students at the University of Michigan are from the state of Michigan, which means they enjoy discounted in state tuition rates.

    The University of Michigan draws students from all over the world. International students make up about 15% of the school’s population.

    • The University of Michigan is great for students who:

      Enjoy a vaunted athletics program and a large student body—roughly 32,000 undergrads and 16,000 grad students.

    • The University of Michigan might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer a small campus. The Ann Arbor campus is divided into four distinct campus sections, all connected by bus service.

  2. #2

    Boston University

    Boston , MA
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Boston University?

    Boston University is a private university located in Boston, Massachusetts. BU is especially noted for its high level of research activity. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell was a BU professor in 1876 when he used the school’s laboratory to invent the telephone.

    Boston University was founded in 1838 and, today, serves more than 33,000 students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    • Boston University is great for students who:

      Are seeking a postgraduate education. Roughly half of the school’s student body is made up of graduate students.

    • Boston University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer a small, intimate campus. Boston University reflects the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan campus.

  3. #3

    Michigan State University

    East Lansing , MI
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Michigan State University?

    Michigan State University was founded in 1855 and began life as the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. The public agricultural institution was the first of its kind in the United States. When the fledgling college was given status as a land-grant college in 1863, it also became the very first of such colleges in the nation.

    Michigan State University achieved university status in 1955 and adopted its current name in 1964. Today, the East Lansing institution serves roughly 50,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    • Michigan State University is great for students who:

      Are seeking careers in areas like hospitality, supply chain management, and business communication. MSU offers pioneering programs in each of these areas.

    • Michigan State University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer a smaller campus atmosphere. MSU has the largest student enrollment in the state of Michigan.

  4. Female student studying
  5. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about the University of Washington?

    The University of Washington was founded in 1861, just ten years after the birth of its home town of Seattle, Washington. This makes the public research university one of the oldest schools on the American West Coast.

    With campuses in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell, the University of Washington covers a sprawling 20 million square feet of space in the state of Washington.

    • The University of Washington is great for students who:

      Love reading. With 26 libraries, art centers, museums, labs, and lecture halls, UW boasts one of the largest library systems in the world.

    • The University of Washington might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer sunny skies. The Pacific Northwest is famous for its cloudy climate.

  6. #5

    Syracuse University

    Syracuse , NY
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    What do we love about Syracuse University?

    Syracuse University was formed in 1870 as an affiliate of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Becoming a secular institution in 1920, this private research university is noted today for nationally renowned programs in areas like business administration, architecture, and public administration.

    Syracuse University serves more than 21,000 students. Syracuse also boasts a strong roster of alumni, including 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.

    • Syracuse University is great for students who:

      Are seeking advanced degrees. Syracuse is noted as an R1 university for its high level of research activity.

    • Syracuse University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Don’t prefer an urban educational experience. Syracuse University is primarily concentrated in downtown Syracuse.

  7. #6

    Ohio State University

    Columbus , OH
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Ohio State University?

    Ohio State University is a public research university based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1870, it was actually stewarded into existence by then Ohio governor and later President of the U.S., Rutherford B. Hayes.

    Fun fact: Ohio State University is literally the only institution in North America where you can earn an ABET-accredited undergraduate degree in welding engineering.

    • Ohio State University is great for students who:

      Enjoy a good time. Ohio State often ranks high on the list of best party schools and best spectator sports tradition.

    • Ohio State University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer a smaller school experience. With more than 50,000 undergrads and 15,000 grad students, Ohio State is the third largest school in the nation.

  8. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Arizona State University?

    Arizona State University was founded in 1885 but is recognized today for its incredible strides in making online degree programs available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The public research university offers more than 350 undergraduate degree programs across 17 colleges.

    Arizona State University currently enrolls an estimated 150,000 students online and across its four Arizona campuses. This makes it one of the very largest schools by enrollment in the nation.

    • Arizona State University is great for students who:

      Are seeking focused graduate degrees. With more than 400 advanced degree programs, ASU grad students can choose highly specialized programs.

    • Arizona State University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer smaller class and campus sizes. The Tempe, Arizona campus alone is home to nearly 55,000 students.

  9. Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill?

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is considered a “Public Ivy,” a school with state funding that offers the prestige and educational experience akin to those at a private Ivy League school.

    The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is the flagship campus for the broader University of North Carolina system and began enrolling students in 1795. This makes UNC the only public school in the U.S. to both teach and graduate students in the 18th Century!

    • The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is great for students who:

      Desire a well-rounded education. All students are required to complete a liberal arts education on the way to their chosen major. Popular majors include biology, business administration, and psychology.

    • The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill might not be the best fit for students who:

      Prefer a more conservative environment. Many students at UNC notes that the campus culture tends to lean to the liberal side of the political spectrum.

  10. #9

    Boston College

    Chestnut Hill , MA
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Boston College?

    Boston College was founded in 1863 through the efforts of local Jesuit leaders, and become the second Jesuit institution of higher learning in the state of Massachusetts. For much of its early history, Boston College actually offered a seven-year program merging high school and college education.

    Boston College’s inaugural class was actually composed of 22 students between the ages of 11 and 16. Today, Boston College is located in the Chestnut Hill area of Boston, is made up of eight constituent colleges, and enrolls more than 15,000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    • Boston College is great for students who:

      Are seeking an advanced degree. With more than one-third of the student body pursuing graduate degrees, Boston College is noteworthy for its high level of research activity.

    • Boston College might not be the best fit for students who:

      Have financial limitations. The cost of living in the surrounding metropolitan area of Boston may be comparatively high.

  11. #10

    Fordham University

    Bronx , NY
    Other Rankings

    Tuition + fees






    Student body


    Median SAT/ACT


    What do we love about Fordham University?

    Fordham University was founded in 1841, and was originally known as St. John’s College. Today, it takes its name from the Fordham section of the Bronx where it made its original home. The private Jesuit research university also claims a learning center in Manhattan and a campus in West Harrison.

    Fordham University offers more than 60 degree programs to a student body of nearly 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

    • Fordham University is great for students who:

      Are studying at the graduate level in areas like business, English, law, and history. Fordham graduate programs are highly ranked in each of these disciplines.

    • Fordham University might not be the best fit for students who:

      Don’t prefer to attend college in an urban setting. Fordham’s primary Rose Hill campus is located in the Bronx borough of New York.

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