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Samuel Moyn ranks among our Top Influential Historians Today.

Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), which is located in an unincorporated area just west of the St. Louis city limits, was founded in 1853. WUSTL’s student body is highly diversified, including individuals from all 50 states and some 120 foreign countries.

The university is divided into seven undergraduate, graduate, and professional colleges and schools, which together offer nearly 1900 courses leading to more than 90 different academic degrees. Among WUSTL’s most popular programs are those in engineering, in biological and biomedical sciences, and in social sciences. The university also offers programs in more than 12 foreign languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Swahili.

WUSTL Online offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree, and professional certificate, programs.

WUSTL is associated with 25 Nobel laureates, namely:

Other distinguished WUSTL-connected individuals include the following:

WUSTL is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

According to Wikipedia, Washington University in St. Louis is a private research university with its main campus mostly split between St. Louis County, Missouri, and Clayton, Missouri. The 169-acre Danforth Campus is at the heart of Washington University and is the academic home to the majority of the university’s undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The Danforth Campus features predominantly Collegiate Gothic architecture in its academic buildings, and is bordered by Forest Park and the cities of St. Louis, Clayton and University City. It is often ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in the world by major education publications.

Washington University in St. Louis Admissions, Retention, and Graduation Information

Annual Applications Acceptance Graduation Rate Median SAT Score Median ACT Score
27,949 16% 94% 1520 34

How Much Does Washington University in St. Louis Cost To Attend?

Tuition (in-state)
Price by Family Income
Income Average Net Cost
0 - 30K $5,273
30K - 48K $6,248
48K - 75K $11,832
75K - 110K $25,505
110K+ $45,758

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

How Much Do Washington University in St. Louis Graduates Make?

If you graduate from Washington University in St. Louis, then you can expect to earn an average of $87,900 per year. You also have a 91% chance of being employed after 10 years.

Washington University in St. Louis's Demographics

Demographic data is for full-time, on-campus students.

Student Body Under-Grads Graduates
13,029 7,520 5,509

Where is Washington University in St. Louis?

Washington University in St. Louis is located at One Brookings Drive, Saint Louis MO 63130-4899

What Is Washington University in St. Louis Known For?

Washington University in St. Louis is known for it's academic work in the following disciplines:

Washington University in St. Louis's Top Areas of Influence With Degrees Offered

Who Are Washington University in St. Louis's Most Influential Alumni?

Washington University in St. Louis's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Biology, Medical, and Social Work. Here are some of Washington University in St. Louis's most famous alumni:

Tennessee Williams
Tennessee Williams
An American playwright .
J. C. R. Licklider
J. C. R. Licklider
An American psychologist and computer scientist.
Daniel Nathans
Daniel Nathans
An American Microbiologist.
Charles Eames
An American designer .
Clyde Cowan
Clyde Cowan
A Co-discoverer of the neutrino.
İhsan Doğramacı
A Turkish pediatrician and medical academic .
Richard Ford
Richard Ford
An American novelist and short story writer.
William E. Moerner
William E. Moerner
A Nobel prize winning American chemical physicist.
Edwin G. Krebs
Edwin G. Krebs
An American biochemist .
R. Edward Freeman
An American academic.
Marilyn vos Savant
An American magazine columnist, author and lecturer.
Bill DeWitt
Bill DeWitt
An American sports executive.