Arizona State University
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Arizona State University

Public university located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona, United States

By James Barham, PhD

Arizona State University (ASU) was founded as the Territorial Normal School in 1885—over a quarter century before Arizona entered the Union in 1912—in Tempe, a town just east of Phoenix.

The school has undergone numerous name changes over the years, notably to Tempe State Teachers College in 1925, to Arizona State College in 1945, and, finally, to Arizona State University in 1958.

Today, ASU comprises 17 colleges and schools spread across four metropolitan Phoenix campuses (in Tempe, in downtown Phoenix, in Glendale, and in Mesa).

Additionally, there is an online campus and a satellite campus in Lake Havasu City in the northwestern part of the state, as well as more-limited regional learning programs in Thatcher, Yuma, and Tucson.

The overall student body number is approximately 111,000 individuals, including online students.

Among prominent ASU-associated individuals, we may mention the following:

  • Computer scientists, Michael I. Jordan & Terry A. Davis
  • Actors, Nick Nolte, Brenda Strong, Tyler Hoechlin & David Spade
  • Comedians, Steve Allen & Andrew Santino
  • Popular singer, Linda Ronstadt
  • Physicist and Nobel laureate, Frank Wilczek
  • Geologist, Paul Spudis
  • Biochemist and Nobel laureate, Sidney Altman
  • Molecular biologist and Nobel laureate, Leland Hartwell
  • Animal behavior expert, Temple Grandin
  • Historian, Larry Schweikart
  • Economist and Nobel laureate, Edward C. Prescott
  • TV personality, Jimmy Kimmel
  • First President of the Navajo Nation, Peterson Zah
  • Current US Senator, Kyrsten Sinema
  • Current Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey


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University Drive and Mill Avenue, Tempe AZ 85287

On Campus Crime Rates

Property Crime

12 per 100k

Violent Crime

0 per 100k

City Crime Rates

Property Crime

46 per 100k

Violent Crime

5 per 100k

What is Arizona State University known for?

Our answer to this is to show you the disciplines in which a school's faculty and alumni have had the highest historical influence. A school may be influential in a discipline even if they do not offer degrees in that area. We've organized two lists to show where they are influential and offer corresponding degrees, and where they are influential through scholarship although they don't offer degrees in the disciplines.

Top areas of influence with degrees offered

#33 World Rank #27 USA Rank
#42 World Rank #36 USA Rank
#74 World Rank #51 USA Rank
#81 World Rank #54 USA Rank
#66 World Rank #58 USA Rank
#82 World Rank #58 USA Rank
Political Science
#165 World Rank #58 USA Rank
Earth Sciences
#74 World Rank #60 USA Rank
Social Work
#109 World Rank #61 USA Rank
#128 World Rank #71 USA Rank
Computer Science
#181 World Rank #82 USA Rank
#141 World Rank #85 USA Rank
#184 World Rank #90 USA Rank
Religious Studies
#182 World Rank #91 USA Rank
#258 World Rank #93 USA Rank
#274 World Rank #101 USA Rank
#221 World Rank #101 USA Rank
#215 World Rank #117 USA Rank
#329 World Rank #123 USA Rank
#239 World Rank #124 USA Rank
#271 World Rank #127 USA Rank
#518 World Rank #208 USA Rank

Other areas of influence

#23 World Rank #20 USA Rank
Criminal Justice

Influential People

Who are Arizona State University's Most influential alumni?

Arizona State University's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Business. Arizona State University’s most academically influential people include Temple Grandin, Steve Allen, and Don Imus.

Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin

American doctor of animal science, author, and autism activist

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Steve Allen
Steve Allen

American comedian, actor, musician and writer

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Don Imus
Don Imus

American radio personality

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Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel

American talk show host and comedian

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Pat Tillman
Pat Tillman

American football player and soldier

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Ira A. Fulton

American businessman

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Tayari Jones
Tayari Jones

American writer

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John Hughes
John Hughes

American filmmaker

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Nick Nolte
Nick Nolte

Actor, film producer

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William P. Carey
William P. Carey


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Philip M. Breedlove
Philip M. Breedlove

Four-star general in the United States Air Force

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Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter

American actress, singer, songwriter and beauty pageant titleholder

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