University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Public research university in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

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By James Barham, PhD

The University of North Carolina (UNC) system is a large network of 16 public universities with a total student enrollment of around 240,000 souls. The oldest member of the UNC system is the flagship campus in the small, centrally located town of Chapel Hill.

Founded in 1789, UNC-Chapel Hill is about the 24th-oldest university in the US (depending on who is doing the counting) and is often considered to be the very oldest of all the public universities.

UNC-Chapel Hill comprises 13 professional schools, including the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, and the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Altogether, the schools offer over 70 courses of study.

The university has a student body of about 30,000 individuals.

UNC-Chapel Hill is associated with nine Nobel laureates, namely,

  • Physicist, Peter Higgs
  • Chemists, Aziz Sancar, Rudolph Marcus & Peter Agre
  • Biochemists, Robert Furchgott & Oliver Smithies
  • Molecular endocrinologist, Martin Rodbell
  • Chemotherapy pioneers, Gertrude Elion & George Hitchings

The school is also linked to a Turing Award—winner, Frederick Brooks.

Other prominent individuals connected to UNC-Chapel Hill include the following:

  • Mathematicians, Leo Moser, Alfred Brauer, Jane Hawkins & Ron Alterovitz
  • Computer scientists, Henry Fuchs & Michael Reiter
  • Poets, Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Donald Justice
  • Novelists, Thomas Wolfe, Walker Percy, Russell Banks, Armistead Maupin & Charles Frazier
  • Newspaper columnists, Joseph Mitchell & Frank Bruni
  • TV journalists, Charles Kuralt, Chris Matthews & Brooke Baldwin
  • Actors, Andy Griffith, John Forsythe, Jack Palance & Randolph Scott
  • Historians, Shelby Foote, C. Vann Woodward & Volker Berghahn
  • Archeologist, Lewis Binford
  • Chemists, Gary Glish, Leslie Hicks & Marcey Waters
  • Neuroscientist, Kathleen Gates
  • Geneticist, Francis Collins
  • Ecologist, Howard T. Odum
  • Orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone
  • Psychologist and author, Dan Ariely
  • Sociologists, Amos Hawley, Kenneth Andrews, Kenneth Bollen & Howard Aldrich
  • Economists, Charles Engel & Jianqing Fan
  • NASA administrator, James E. Webb
  • Former US Senators, John Edwards & Paul Wellstone
  • 11th President of the US, James K. Polk

From Wikipedia

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a public research university in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The flagship of the University of North Carolina system, it is considered to be a Public Ivy, or a public institution which offers an academic experience similar to that of an Ivy League university. After being chartered in 1789, the university first began enrolling students in 1795, making it one of the oldest public universities in the United States. Among the claimants, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the only one to have held classes and graduated students as a public university in the eighteenth century.

Source: Wikipedia


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103 South Bldg Cb 9100, Chapel Hill NC 27599

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What is University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill known for?

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Influential People

Who are University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Most influential alumni?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's most influential alumni faculty include professors and professionals in the fields of Biology, Mathematics, and Literature. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s most academically influential people include JoAnne Yates, Elizabeth Edwards, and Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande.

JoAnne Yates

American business theorist

view profile
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards

Deceased wife of John Edwards

view profile
Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande

Indian mathematician

view profile
H. R. McMaster
H. R. McMaster

26th United States National Security Advisor

view profile
David Glantz

American military historian

view profile
Samuel T. Francis

Journalist, historian

view profile
John D. Kasarda
John D. Kasarda

American academic

view profile
Pamela Gann

Former college president

view profile
Coleman Barks
Coleman Barks

American poet

view profile
Peter G. Klein
Peter G. Klein

American economist

view profile
Jack Knight

American academic

view profile
Barry Farber
Barry Farber

American journalist

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